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  1. Avoid MT-82?

    Learn to use a clutch, no problems!
  2. Who Names Their Cars and What Is It?

    Hoss. or the Hoss . . . .
  3. Let’s See Those Trucks!

    460/5 speed/4 wheel discs.
  4. Annoyed with the attention

    Now have ingot silver PP2. Pantera was totaled when I fell asleep at the wheel (sad face). Yes, wish I still had it!
  5. Annoyed with the attention

    My previous car was a yellow Pantera. Talk about attention! Used to bother me no end until one day I was driving through Utah and saw this guy, shovel under chin, working along the highway. You should have seen the smile on his face!!!! Ever since I enjoyed bringing a little joy to others. With...
  6. PP2 real life pictures

    Damn, I have a geat looking car! (Mine is ingot) Like your orange!
  7. Formula 1 talk.

    Haha, probably true.
  8. Formula 1 talk.

    Hear, hear! Mr Vettel has never been impolite. Always a gentleman, too. This from the leader of the "anyone but Hamilton" club.
  9. Magneride. Any good and worth getting?

    PP2 owner here, love the magnaride (though I have NOT driven a non magnaride) and cannot imagine anything better. Longevity? Happy for now.
  10. Post pictures of your animals

    I once had a smokey grey, loved him.
  11. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Believe that is a twin turbo kit, not a supercharger. Go to work!
  12. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Wow? I know there was a 225ish. Hadn't heard of anything that fast! Thanks for the 411.
  13. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Understood, just saying . . . . BTW, there is a 214+ mile out there. Keep wrenchin' !
  14. Formula 1 talk.

    Well, coitus! Just read that Hamilton was counciled to NOT support Colin Kapernick during USGP 2017. Now I am pretty sure I don't support whatever Kapernick is crying about, BUTT I do support his right to protest. This is still murica, right? This might be to political, remove as necessary.
  15. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Sorry to inform . . .. 200mph in the mile requires 800 wheel hp.