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  1. What bumper is this?

    It looks like a stock 18+ front bumper to me. Custom grille and splitter from Anderson Composites added to it, considering the display board behind it...
  2. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    The springs, right? I haven't been able to find any on Ford parts sites, but the mopar version is exactly the same and can be ordered individually. Throw "Mopar active exhaust spring" into Google and take your pick of supplier.
  3. Video: Mach 1 walkaround, startup + acceleration clip!

    Damn, it says video unavailable now.
  4. Grinding When Letting Off Clutch

    Rev-hang is NOT the cause of the sound we've been discussing. If that were the case, we would see A LOT more people coming to the forums to complain about this weird noise. Yes, rev-hang can contribute to the conditions that produce this sound if you try to shift quickly, but the actual cause...
  5. 2020 Mustang GT rear fuel tank noise click/thump/slosh?

    Yeah, it seems to vary based on how the fuel gets thrown about. Sometimes on gentle stops it'll sound like water sloshing in a bucket, and other times it'll sound like strong thuds as it bounces off the sides and top of the fuel tank. I'm pretty sure it's normal.
  6. 2020 Mustang GT rear fuel tank noise click/thump/slosh?

    I can sometimes hear fuel sloshing in my car, too. Only ever happens when fuel level is above 3/4 tank during starting or stopping. Run it down to 1/4 tank and see if you can still hear it.
  7. Grinding When Letting Off Clutch

    Another thought that I've had is that the noise might be a characteristic of the twin-disc clutch in the 18+ MT-82 cars. I know that aftermarket twin-disc setups can introduce noises where the intermediate disc can chatter when disengaged or partially engaged. OEM solutions are supposed to...
  8. Grinding When Letting Off Clutch

    Correct, but removing rev hang with a tune can only do so much when you have a heavy flywheel, it'll still take time for RPM to drop. These cars will also "pause" rpm drop for a second when it reaches matching rpm for the next gear up, my car still does this even with a tune. Either way, I...
  9. Grinding When Letting Off Clutch

    My car has been tuned. I'll have to reach out to Lund and see if their standard tunes remove any rev hang, I would assume they do. But I do know that these cars have pretty heavy dual-mass flywheels, which greatly contributes to how long it takes for revs to come back down. It took me a long...
  10. Grinding When Letting Off Clutch

    I get the exact same sound occasionally in my car, it has done it since I bought it two years ago. It only happens at high rpm shifts if I let the clutch out slowly and start to get on the gas while still letting the clutch out. I've adapted my driving style to avoid it. To me, it sounds...
  11. Mak cat delete performance pipe exhaust setup with magnaflow 12599 resonated X muffler

    I believe mine is the 2.5", considering the rest of the system is OEM. That looks pretty good! I'm interested in seeing what your ground clearance is with that installed.
  12. Mak cat delete performance pipe exhaust setup with magnaflow 12599 resonated X muffler

    I have the Magnaflow resonator on my car, and it is BIG. I definitely lost a little ground clearance with it, but it hasn't been an issue on stock suspension. I have it paired with OEM Active Exhaust mufflers with the valves locked open (my car wasn't optioned with AE, and got a good deal on...
  13. Car will not stay running

    I've run into this same situation. As others have stated, the Lund flex tune runs fuel trims for 91/93 oct after being flashed, so it struggles to get going with E85 in the tank. The solution I've found for this is to get the car up to operating temp on the E85 tune BEFORE flashing the flex...
  14. (Install with Pics) Bluetooth Ethanol Sensor

    Just found this thread, looking to do the same on my 2018. It appears that this kit is no longer available. Did you end up getting parts and installing them?