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  1. Ceramic Coating Worth it???

    I asked two local detail shops for quotes. One said $1200 for a 2 year coating $1500 for 5 year and the other hasn't gotten back to me yet. Does that sound like a good price or is it too high? I would prefer to use a local shop but the Ziebart and Tint World near me both have 4.5 star averages...
  2. Neighborhood Sports Cars and Muscle Cars

    There is an early 2000's Viper and a previous generation Audi S4 down the street from me. There used to be an Aston Martin but I only saw it a few times when the garage door happened to open as I drove by, I don't think I ever saw it being driven and I haven't seen it in a while. That's about it...
  3. 18 inch wheels on Ecoboost Handling Package

    Thanks for your help. I would be getting narrower wheels than stock so hopefully that would help any possible clearance problems with the magneride.
  4. 18 inch wheels on Ecoboost Handling Package

    Thanks for your help. If I don't find anything in the classified in my area will aftermarket wheels fit or should I stick with OEM 18s? Sorry for any stupid questions. I haven't bought wheels before and the gap between the brakes and the wheels looks small to me. I tried looking for wheels on...
  5. 18 inch wheels on Ecoboost Handling Package

    Does anyone know if 18 inch wheels will fit on an Ecoboost with the handling package? I'm looking for a set of wheels and snow tires and I want to get 18 inch wheels, but there doesn't look like there is a lot of clearance between the front brakes and the stock 19 inch wheels.
  6. How many of you have NEVER owned a Mustang previously?

    First Mustang, American car, and rear wheel drive. Fourth turbo four cylinder in a row. It's also my first car without a sunroof, but I never used them that much anyway.
  7. Introduce yourself!!

    I've been lurking here for a few months and finally decided to join. I ordered a velocity blue Ecoboost with high performance and handling packages the first week of July. It was delivered almost two weeks ago. I had a 2016 VW GTI before the Mustang and that was the fastet car I had owned...