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  1. California 2015 OEM GT Exhaust

    Looking to sell my 2015 OEM GT exhaust. It was on the car for 15k miles before being removed for an aftermarket exhaust. Bolt on to original pipes, no cutting needed. Name your price. Located in San Luis Obispo County, California
  2. ARH Catback on 5.0

    Anyone around the central coast have a GT with an ARH catback? I really want to hear one in person, but if I can't will probably end up buying one anyway. Let me know if you are somewhere on the central coast and wouldn't mind letting me hear what the exhaust sounds like in person. Thanks!
  3. Low Stock Tire Life?

    I've never experienced the true lack of grip (I live where it only ever gets down to 50 degrees or so) but did notice that they got significantly louder after just a few thousand miles. Still surprising to me that they have only lasted this long. I was kind of hoping there would be some warranty...
  4. Low Stock Tire Life?

    My 2015 GT Premium has 11,500 miles on it. Just got it serviced yesterday and the shop pointed out that my tires (Original Pirelli P Zero Nero) are down to 2/32" on 3 of the 4 tires. This seems way to early for the tires to need replacing. I haven't done any burnouts, have never tracked the car...
  5. Amsoil Synthetics

    Price for 4 gallons of xl or signature and also for v8 oil filter sent to 93405? Thanks!
  6. FS: PP Wheels package

    PMed you
  7. FS: PP Wheels package

    Interested. Where abouts in the Bay are you?
  8. Dimensions of Decklid GT emblem?

    If I may, what are you working on?
  9. Anyone in CA needs this visual mod (especially for black 'stangs)

    Old style Does anyone know if it is possible to get one of these legacy plates with the 3 characters, space, 3 characters layout like the original plates had? They are cool but would be slightly less cool IMO if you can only get them in a 7 character configuration. Thanks!