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  1. Question for power adder gurus

    TVS blower is fun on the street especially on a stick shift car, the instant power feels amazing.
  2. Best Stick Shift Dragy Times

    Yeah the car is def in the 4s with a faster shift. That was with the built motor, 19-20 psi of boost. Im guessing the car is making somewhere in the 1000 wheel range. I have a stage 3 mt82 now and im going to throw a little more boost at it, hoping for mid 4s. Our da is trash here, 5k+ most of...
  3. Best Stick Shift Dragy Times

    Did this a couple months ago. Baby shifted 3 to 4 because i didnt want to blow up my stock mt82. Blew it up like 2 days later anyways. I have a stage 3 mt82 in the car now wanna try it again and man shift it in better da
  4. U.K - My Insurance would not allow exhaust upgrade on 2020 GT

    why would you tell your insurance about mufflers, of course they are going to say don't mod the car.
  5. Car been sitting for months in storage? Prime that oil system before firing it up!

    cranking the engine on the starter does not turn the oil pump gears fast enough to create any oil pressure what so ever. Ive tried it before, I have an aftermarket oil pressure gauge on my car, the needle doesn't even flinch off 0. The only way to properly prime it is to pull the oil pressure...
  6. Built short block rpg

    I am not running a coyote block I am running a 5.2 predator block (2020 GT500 block). Gen 1 and 2 coyote blocks can handle 1000 with no sleeves, I'm pretty sure gen3 can handle more. Gen3 is the strongest factory coyote block.
  7. Built short block rpg

    Ive never heard of Manley H beams having problems cracking let alone the H tuff. I'm personally running an RPG engine with H tuff rods in it making over 1000 wheel and over 20 pounds of boost no issues. I have heard of people cracking blocks before hurting an H tuff rod.
  8. Best fuel injector 2016 Mustang GT

    naturally asperated you don't need to change your injectors and you certainty don't need 95 lb injectors na. Only reason you need to change them is if you are doing max effort on e85 and still all you need is lu47 injectors. Also, cams are a waste of time unless your are going max effort cobra...

    Heres some I took on my first drive with my new stage 3 mt82
  10. Gen 2 Voodoo block for Coyote build

    VMP Gen3r, with a bret barber race ported lower mani, 163R tb and an 8 rib kit with 69 upper 5% lower. Stock cams and stock phasers full vct.
  11. Idle issue after SC install (vmp Odin)

    You need to take a datalog and send it to whoever is tuning the car. They will be able to tell right away what is wrong.
  12. Gen 2 Voodoo block for Coyote build

    Im running a GR3Z-6010-F 5.2 block with stock sleeves, boss crank, h tuff rods, Manley extreme duty pistons. Its taking over 20 psi of boost and its making over 1000 wheel, holding up great! I have Frankenstein cnc ported heads but stock cams, I'm thinking about tossing a set of comp stage 3...
  13. Budgeting a build

    I tell everybody after paying for install and a tune boost is 10k for 91. doing e85 and more boost after that is another 7k after that lol.
  14. Header hitting frame of car

    The best headers for the money in my opinion are stainless power. $700 and they fit great
  15. Oil pump gears help

    I also heated and bent a 10mm wrench, and use a magnet. To reinstall the bolt i use the magnet and a set of needle nose to get the bolt started.
  16. Gen 1 Copperhead ECU 15-17 compatibility??

    why are you like this
  17. *Solved Will Recaro seats from a 19 fit in a 16 premium?

    The airbags are the problem they are different resistance and will trip the airbag light. There is an airbag on the sides of the recaros
  18. *Solved Will Recaro seats from a 19 fit in a 16 premium?

    Yes they will bolt in the car, but the airbags in the seats are different gen2 vs 3 and your airbag light will be on.
  19. Vortech vacuum help

    The car i did has no issues the catch can is not connected to vac the mani is capped, and the can is vented.
  20. Removing crash bar

    The crash bar does support the bumper