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  1. SCT X4 Tuner

    Dude.. Please stop buying all the SCT X4's. You bought the last one also. Pretty sad for a vendor. Can't even get in on one because you have snagged it. Sorry, but I had to say this.
  2. Mint Condition nGauge Tuner For Sale

    2nd - PM sent. Ready to buy.
  3. WTT: My 19x9.5 GT PP rear wheels for your 19x9 GT PP front wheels

    I have the stock PP setup and would trade if we could work out a deal. I have 900 miles on my car and my tires are mint. I would not want to have to buy anything if we did the deal. Also, I am fairly close to you so we wouldnt have to ship.
  4. WTT: My 19x9.5 GT PP rear wheels for your 19x9 GT PP front wheels

    Will they fit the front? so basically a square setup?
  5. Free White Roush Spoiler

    Move to South Carolina and you have a deal. Lol Free bump! Nice deal....
  6. Airaid Intake w/ Filter + Engine Covers

    What is the discoloration on the chrome top of the AR? Is that water stains? Is it removable?
  7. Replace recaro seats with premium leather seats?

    The plugs should be there. You can confirm by removing the seat and find the harness. What you won't get is the heated/cooled controls.
  8. Upstate SC

    Just the slow asses in the left lane!:doh:
  9. 2017 G.T. 350 FOR SALE BRAND NEW!!!

    MSRP on your website says 70,345. MSRP on the Window Sticker says 60,345. Games? Where are the honest dealerships?
  10. Upstate SC

    Who is from the Upstate SC area? I do a few "spirited" rides through the Salem/Sunset area.
  11. FS: Borla ATAK 3in Catback

    I should start looking at dates... I'm a terrible forum poster. :headbonk:
  12. FS: Borla ATAK 3in Catback

    This ever sell?
  13. WTB: 2016 Ford Mustang GT Premium

    Nice! Post up pics when you get it :cheers:
  14. F.S. Redline Tuning Hood Strut Kit

    Will buy if deal falls through. Ready with payment. :)

    Then you would have a damage claim on your carfax or whatever history report of the vehicle. That may be worse if you ever try to sell it and does balls for resale value. Better off being totaled.
  16. WTB: Locked or married SCT X4

    Thats an SCT X3 through Bama Racing. The X4 have refined their menu's and have Wifi capabilities to download updates. The basic principles are the same and know many who still use the X3. Why are you wanting a married or locked tuner? You will not be able to use it unless you get it unlocked...
  17. 2015 Race Red Mustang GT

    Have you really shopped around for insurance? Any parents or family eligible for USAA? I pay $92 a month with 2 cars on policy, one being my 16 GT. Granted, I am over 30, but when I was in my early 20's I had corvettes and never remember my insurance being that high on them. Anything on your...
  18. Sirius delete presets

    You just set another preset instead.
  19. 2016 FOCUS RS AWD 350BHP

    I've driven an RS. They remind me of my old Audi TT. They are fun cars, I'll give you that! So, why are you selling and keeping your GT?
  20. WTB: PP shocks

    I will have a pair this week. 600 mile takeoff. Pm me your # and I'll send you pics.