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  1. DW 95lb injectors and Vortech FPB

    Monday bump and price drop. Also, open to trades, let me know what you've got.
  2. Procharger squeak sound PLEASE HELP!!!

    Idler pulley. Been there, done that.
  3. DW 95lb injectors and Vortech FPB

    Injectors used about 700 miles. $400 shipped UPS Ground (lower 48) Vortech FPB new, never installed. $175 shipped UPS Ground (lower 48)
  4. Centri folks, what's the most ...

    Thanks for all the responses, I'm looking to take a road trip of about 500 miles each way and was just curious.
  5. Centri folks, what's the most ...

    Miles you've logged in a day?
  6. Tulsa Procharged - I need Oil

    Not that it does you any good for this weekend, but I'll be in Tulsa on Tuesday and could bring a bottle.
  7. ...Switch from 3.73 to 3.31 ???

    Sticking with 3.73's for now. Only downside I've seen is needing 5th gear at the track, but not a big deal.
  8. FYI for those with P1SC's

    Went to check the oil level the other day, when I wiped the oil off the dipstick, it pulled right out of the screw cap. As apparently loose as it was, probably would have eventually fell into the rotating assembly. Called Procharger and I had a new one in a couple days :). Comparing the new...
  9. MSD 2 Step

    From what I'm reading, this will not work on a 16 due to wiring differences, can anyone confirm/deny?
  10. WTT, 3.4" Pulley for P-1SC for a 3.6"

    Just as the title states, I have a 3.4 (New/Never installed) and WTT for a 3.6. Interested in trades only and shipping will be covered by each party. TY.
  11. M6 guys, need advice

    My 60's and 330's really suck. All my other cars have been autos and they are a lot more forgiving/controllable at the track, as we all know. I tried leaving with launch control off and on (AdvanceTrac), varied RPM from idle to 3K, no real difference, I'd bog big time. Here is my best of the...
  12. Signal wire for shift light

    About to install a raptor shift light. Which wire is the signal going to a coil?
  13. Signal wire for shift light

    Wrong sub-forum.
  14. Mod Motor Mustang Nationals

    Anyone planning on going?
  15. Procharger installed

    You are going to LOVE it!!

    Bought on 2/13/2016, 2300 miles, of which 1200 were clocked driving to Ft Worth and back, to visit BigWorm Graphics for a stripe kit. I've put about 200 miles on her since the installation of the Procharger. I also work from home and travel quite a bit so she only gets out for fun.