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  1. OEM Rear Bumper Fitment

    Look who the OP of that thread is. Reposted to see if anyone else had a fix. I’m assuming it’s the carbon diffuser pushing the bumper a way it doesn’t want to go naturally
  2. OEM Rear Bumper Fitment

    Word of advise, Never take off the rear bumper on these cars if you can help it. Did the TSB on the rear bumper due to gap issues and now the whole side rail does not stay in place with the design of the rail. Does anyone have any DIY fixes to get around this. Brand new side rail from ford aswell
  3. Wheel offset

    The wheels im looking at are the Cosmis Xt-005r or Weld S71's. $3000 price difference
  4. Wheel offset

    Its for a specific set of wheels that have very few offset and sizing options. They really only come in 18's with a 20 or 25 offset
  5. Wheel offset

    Did some research and im getting a couple mixed reviews. Im looking at a 18"x10" ET20 285/45 Rear with backspacing of 6.29 and 18"x9" ET25 225/30-40 Front Suspension is airlift. Just wanted to double check that this setup is not doable without camber
  6. 2016 Mustang GT Cradle/Alignment issue

    The grismer in springboro, I had 2 alignments from them aswell. The first one they aligned the car on max ride height for the airsuspenion setup even though I gave them detailed instructions on how to operate it lol
  7. 2016 Mustang GT Cradle/Alignment issue

    Should be torqued to 129 ft/lbs. and 41 ft/lbs on the bracket bolts from what I remember of the specs
  8. 2016 Mustang GT Cradle/Alignment issue

    All started when I got an alignment for a new wheel setup and the shop left some subframe bolts relatively loose. A couple weeks later I bought the Steeda Rear subframe alignment kit and found I had to move the subframe 1/4 to 3/8" to get the sleeves in. Have not had an alignment since but my...
  9. Battery dead in short time

    I know that my under glow is killing my battery, took it off and charged the battery and it’s just fine, no issues. As soon as I put it back on (good 12v source to battery or fuse box bolts and multiple grounds) I notice a slightly weaker start immediately and then within a few hours or...
  10. Ohio Rohana RFX7 20”

  11. OEM bumper Re-install

    Ya it’s kind of a crappy situation. You can either do the TSB and cut the tabs and put a rivet in or ive browsed a couple more forums and found these pictures. At that point when screwing it you now have to worry about the weight of the bumper pulling away from the screw and failing
  12. 2016 GT Rear bumper Re-Install issue

    I cannot for the life of me get the back tab to go back into the bumper tab right below the taillights. I’ve seen videos where they literally just push the bumper back up into position and it attaches but I cannot even force it back
  13. OEM bumper Re-install

    Has anyone been successful in getting the top corner on both sides back into the clip? Spent a little time on it and still no luck
  14. Ohio Rohana RFX7 20”

    Asking $3200 OBO
  15. Ohio Rohana RFX7 20”

    20” Brand New Rohana RFX7’s for sale Decided to change setups and this is just a feeler. Includes Falken performance tires with 100 miles on them. 5x114.3 bolt pattern F 225/35/20 R 285/35/20
  16. Ohio 15-17 OEM taillights

    OEM 15-17 smoked taillights $400 shipped to anywhere in the US. Great condition
  17. Ohio 2015-17 GT350 style bumper for GT

    $700 shipped without splitter, $750 with splitter and splash guard if you want it
  18. Ohio 2015-17 GT350 style bumper for GT

    I have a 2015-17 Mustang GT MP concepts GT350 style bumper. Has minor paint imperfections and a DIY grille delete that could use some clean up with proper tools. Quick release bumper attachments