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  1. Viking Crusader Shocks do work!

    Not 0/0 on the street but I turned down to like 3c 3r to avoid breaking stuff on rough roads. Around 6c 9r worked ok on the track, but tweak as needed,
  2. Steeda RLCA spherical bushing installation?

    You just need to tap the threads for that hole.
  3. AFR Stuck at 14

    It doesn't default to the stock tune, but since it can't read the air fuel it defaults to the stoich of pump gas. Which, if on e85 will probably cause engine damage if you run long term.
  4. North Carolina Steeda S550 Camber plates

    PM sent, I'll take them if they are still available.
  5. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    SVE R350 wheels 19x10 285/35/19 19x11 305/35/19
  6. Holley sniper intake/ID1050X injectors

    Just make sure you run the injector spacers on the 1050x that make the injectors the same height as stock injectors.
  7. Need guidance on wheel/tire setup

    Are you looking for these supersnake wheels? btw the wheel gap can stay the same or close with a 19 or 20. its all about the tire height not the wheel size.
  8. Rohana RC9’s on my ruby red CS

    I tried to order a set of rc9s Yesterday and apparently they’ve been discontinued.
  9. California Ferrada fr8 wheels 20”

    Do you have a picture from the back so I can see how much of the tire/wheel sticks out from the fenders and rear quarters
  10. AFR Stuck at 14

    Check your fuses and if you are using extensions they might be bad.
  11. Help! Codes galore after header install.

    I had something similar happen to me after a driveshaft install (which made no sense, but I did reroute the o2 sensor when I installed tthe driveshaft loop). All the sensors on that fuse were throwing codes. I think it can happen if there is a short in the wiring on the o2 sensors
  12. Help! Codes galore after header install.

    That many unrelated codes could be a blown fuse.
  13. Help! Codes galore after header install.

    Yes an extension could be bad. Have you tried to get more length for the front o2 by disconnecting the harness from the trans? What are the codes now.?
  14. Help! Codes galore after header install.

    If the sensors aren’t reading it defaults to 14 afr. You can get more length for the sensors by disconnecting part of the harness further up.
  15. GT350/GT500 2019+ Spoiler - Ebay $150 Pre-painted

    These come from China and not much is getting shipped out due to the Coronavirus. None of these vendors are able to keep their supply replenished.
  16. GT350/GT500 2019+ Spoiler - Ebay $150 Pre-painted

    Ordered on Wednesday, got it friday night, installed it this morning.
  17. What can we do for You?

    Can you guys get 2020 gt500 halfshafts yet?
  18. Two GT500”s in Shelby of America Workshop

    It is in the same location as all the other S550s, passenger side at the rear of the engine bay.