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  1. First Mods & Disaster Averted

    Nah, it’s negligence. Aproperly torqued bolt doesn’t just work loose a few miles down the road. They are lying to you on top of it. Never trust them.
  2. Science is now cancelled?

    Cut and paste much? Good grief! Adam and Eve are not real, so they are not anything. What’s your point again? Cottage cheese is bad for us? Mt. Dew polluting the ocean? Something like that.
  3. Science is now cancelled?

    Again you get things wrong. He’s talking about conservative politicians who tend to be white men AND bible thumpers. Guffaw!
  4. Officially starting my ecoboom journey(help lol)

    I assume you have the service manual...
  5. First Mods & Disaster Averted

    Agree. They totally screwed up. They flat out didn’t tighten the bolt. The guy who does the next brake job is going to curse the knucklehead that used the red stuff this time.
  6. First Mods & Disaster Averted

    That wasn’t a locktite problem. They fucked up.
  7. Science is now cancelled?

    It’s best not to ask too many questions
  8. Science is now cancelled?

    You are just too easy to mess with. Are you sure you know how to block someone?
  9. Science is now cancelled?

    Yeah, follow him or else: He that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. Sounds like such a fun lord to follow.
  10. Resonator or muffler delete

    Snort! Yeah, no mufflers is pretty much against the rules everywhere.
  11. Science is now cancelled?

    ...but your arguments are just things you came up with, most of which do not make logical sense. You may find that insulting, but it is the truth. No one is pretending because they don't agree with your thinking. At least that is not my motivation. Your emotions are clouding your mind. Clear...
  12. Science is now cancelled?

    We need to create Logical Fallacy BINGO! Fill a square for each one he writes but instead of BINGO! we yell BULLSHIT! It be a riot! Winner gets blocked!
  13. Science is now cancelled?

    I'm only old in his mind, so it's OK!
  14. Science is now cancelled?

    I may be a dick, but everyone here knows you are an unintelligent weirdo that fits so many classic examples of mental illness it is concerning. I mean this with all due respect, one human to professional help. You really do need it. I should probably not engage with you because...