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  1. Antimatter blue GT500

    Yeah, it's too dark for me. It will show every swirl and bit of dirt.
  2. Ford’s Cold-Weather Testing at McKinley Climatic Laboratory Tour

    I drive either a 2017 Edge Sport or a 2020 GT500, depending on the weather or my needs for the day. I'm in Crestview.
  3. Ceramic Coating Wheel Options

    This is the CQuartz product I bought and used on my wheels. It's made for high temp surfaces and works very well IMO. Good luck in your search.
  4. Ford’s Cold-Weather Testing at McKinley Climatic Laboratory Tour

    I thought this was interesting and that some of you would enjoy it. McKinley is located at Eglin AFB here in the Florida Panhandle. I work on Eglin and have run tests in the Climatic Lab in the past (a long time ago). It's an interesting facility with a large main hangar big enough to hold a...
  5. GT500 without Tech pack

    If you set the sound to "surround" you get audio from the rear too. I think the "stereo" setting sounds better though, so that's what I use. ...but yeah, the audio in these cars is not the best.
  6. Better to buy brand new 2021 built to my specification or to buy a leftover 20 that has close specifications?

    I would have gotten the CF dash, the Handling Pack, Rapid Red and no stripes. If I'd waited until the '21 MY, I'd probably have ordered the CFHP. Hard to pass on the CF wheels at that price.
  7. Anderson Composites 2020 Shelby GT500 Build & Parts - SEMA 2019

    Not to step on anything, but does anyone make the CF dash panel, or does anyone know what the OEM part costs? That's the one thing I would like to do to my car. Well, I kinda like the Anderson CF hood vent too.
  8. No-Stripe GT500s - Post Your Pics

    Wow, I need to see that color in person.
  9. About to pull the trigger on a GT500 order-what are the common problems that the cars have so I know what to expect

    It will tempt you to put your license at risk regularly. This car is so much fun to drive, you are going to love it. Keep in mind that it's still a Mustang, made on the same assembly line as any other Mustang. They don't get any additional QC. To me this is the biggest downside about buying...
  10. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    That sucks. My 2012 GT500 arrived with a dent in the lower part of the drivers door. It was obvious that someone opened the door on a pole. The dealership paid for a PDR guy to fix the dent and also had the side stripe on that door replaced. Once repaired, you could not tell that it had...
  11. Better to buy brand new 2021 built to my specification or to buy a leftover 20 that has close specifications?

    JMO, but it's always better to order and get exactly what you want. This is the 1st one I've bought off the lot since I bought my 2009 GT500. I wish I'd been more patient and waited for an open allocation.
  12. No-Stripe GT500s - Post Your Pics

    I pulled the stripes on my 350, and if I had ordered my 500 I would not have gotten stripes. I'm thinking of pulling the stripes as I think the no-stripes look is cleaner. We'll see.
  13. 2020 GT500 - swapping Base springs for CFTP springs, etc.

    Excellent post. Your tutorials are always first rate.
  14. my 2021 GT500 CFTP has landed !

    Beautiful, congrats!
  15. Loose side splitter?

    Great post and info Snoopy49. Thank you for the part number. My car was eventually fixed, but it took 3 attempts for the dealership to finally get it right. I think that most of the problem was the dealership letting their regular service techs work on it instead of their body shop...
  16. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    I don't think the Chassis Number is related to the VIN. I have no idea how Ford develops the CN though.
  17. GT500 Track Attack - Impressions

    The insurance has a $7,900 deductible. That's a bit much I think, but I did get it.
  18. Going Racing. Well, kinda...

    Okay, registered for Track Attack today, booked the hotel and bought non-refundable airline tickets (so I have to go). Mid-June. I understand that it's a curated event and we aren't likely to be turned loose, but I expect it to be quite a bit of fun. Really looking forward to this.

    I don't see the point in installing the handling pack unless you're actively tracking the car (in which case you should have bought the CFTP car anyways). The parts aren't going to do anything for you when you're tooling around town except increase your fuel consumption and maybe add a 1/32nd...
  20. GT500 feels slow. How much power before it loses balance?

    The one that gets me is when people used payed instead of paid.