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  1. Brake calipers painted, new pads, and some stereo improvements, too

    That’s what I was wondering, if you had filled the Power Bleeder with fluid or not. last year I filled the power bleeder with brake fluid and i had a hard time getting it to pressurize. I’ll try it this year the way you did it. Just overfilling the master and just using the power bleeder to...
  2. Brake calipers painted, new pads, and some stereo improvements, too

    How was it bleeding the brakes with the Motive bleeder? I'm debating whether to flush my own brakes or take it to a shop and have them do it. I bought the Motive power bleeder last year but I had some trouble using it on my girlfriend's wrangler.
  3. What’s the better VooDoo now?

    What kind of issues have been popping up for the Gen 2 Voodoo ?
  4. Almost carjacked today...

    Glad you’re ok! It’s irrelevant whether he was trying to car jack you or not. Like someone said, hard to pull off a car jacking if he was alone. Unless he doesn’t cere about leaving the other car behind (which might also be stolen). anyway, I’m on my iPhone so I can’t tell where you are from...
  5. New Jersey 20x10.5 Brass Monkey Replica Hellcat

    I just mounted new tires on the rear wheels of my Hellcat after bringing the car out of storage and then decided it’s time for a change. I am selling two 20x10.5, (25mm offset) Brass Monkey replica wheels. With Nitto 555r 305/35R20 tires mounted and balanced. I used these wheels on my...
  6. Cold Start muted?

    I bought the plastic plugs that disable the active exhaust. disconnect the active exhaust harness, plug in the plastic plugs and boom !! Valves are open all the time ! mine has been hibernating since November. I should be bringing it out next week or so. Cant wait !!!
  7. Project 6GR delivery delays

    I’d ask for my money back.
  8. Dealer screwed up

    I would inspect that thing carefully before leaving the dealership. good luck.
  9. Dealer screwed up

    maybe I missed the update. did they repaint ? replace the bumper ?
  10. Let’s diagnose a hard brake pedal

    Elaborate a little for those of us that are not as mechanically inclined. mim assuming there’s not enough vacuum. what would be normal?
  11. Dealer screwed up

    Thank you for the reply. They are about 50 minutes from me, I live in Northern Passaic county. it’s not a bad ride to get to them. I might reach out to you for your friends contact information at the dealership if I decide to get the shifter recall done. hope that’s ok.
  12. Dealer screwed up

    I see you’re in NJ as well. What dealership is this? i Refuse to have the recall performed for the stock shifter until I find a good service department.
  13. Let’s diagnose a hard brake pedal

    Subscribed! Good luck dude !! sounds to me like some sort of vacuum issue.

    This is very well said.
  15. LMR SVE GT350R replica wheels fitment on GT350R

    nice touch on painting the barrels of the front wheels to look like the OEMs. love the color on your car !!!
  16. MGW shifter gt350 2019 DEAL ???

    I hate to say it but i'm not surprised they mangled your stock knob and screwed up the install. Dealership can't be trusted to install a license plate without causing damage. It amazes me that these people's job is to work on cars and they still manage to fuck things up. What was the issue...
  17. Dealer screwed up

    Again, I am not surprised you are getting this kind of treatment from the manager. I had shitty dealings with one of my local Ford dealerships when i was searching for my R. All American Ford in Paramus, NJ. They were asking for 10K ADM on an R they had in the show room. I told him I was...
  18. Dealer screwed up

    I hope this gets resolved today and they don’t keep wasting your time with tactics.
  19. GT350 Wheels (Project-6GR)

    Would you be going this to address the brake caliper clearance?? if yes, the spacers will not help with caliper clearance. The issue is with clearance with the barrel of the wheel (the inside) if that makes sense.
  20. Dealer screwed up

    you should tell us who this dealer is even if they don’t blow you off that’s one of the reasons why we are here in the forum, to help each other out and keep one another from suffering through ordeals like this one. either way, good luck you man.