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  1. 1/4 mile Set up for daily driving with 305/45/17 rear tire.

    28ish driving. 18/20 cold racing
  2. M&H front runners

    28x4.5r17 radial front runners. These look just like the bias ply versions. Weighed in at 17lbs. At least 6lbs lighter than the sportsman SR 28s. My next step will be making 17s fit brembos 😂
  3. M&H front runners

    The new ET radial fronts should be interesting. The M&H bias really aren't bad. I had them on my 15 and 18. Just not a fan of the handling.
  4. M&H front runners

    Not yet. I going to a 17" setup. It looks just like the bias ply version but it's radial. I think the only 18" radial they offer is the small 26.
  5. M&H front runners

    I was trying to find the new radial fronts but everyone seems to be at least a month out. I ran the M&H bias, as well multiple friends with no issues. We had 3 s550 cars locally running them lol. But I just ordered the 28"radial version and they should be here today.
  6. M&H front runners

    Since I run higher than recommended up front and lower in the rear, there's no point in TPMS in my opinion. On radial front runners, I usually run 45-50, and 15-20 depending on what rear tire I'm running. They're ridiculously heavy.
  7. 3.15 gear in an iron housing

    The iron housing is stronger than the aluminum but the aluminum is a good bit lighter. I don't plan on doing a bunch of trans brake launches, so I'm not concerned about breaking the ears. I'll also be doing the diff lock out, which help prevent them breaking. I've probably seen more broken iron...
  8. 3.15 gear in an iron housing

    Unless the housing is different on 15-17 auto cars, I would imagine you'd be able to swap the the carrier and gear set over. From my understanding the 3.15 gears only fit the carrier they came with. Where as the 3.55 carries can fit 3.73, 4.09 etc. I don't see ford changing much other than 18+...
  9. M&H front runners

    I think they were 24 or 26lbs. They're fine for street driving and good at the track. Just not a fan of the weight lol.
  10. M&H front runners

    So I'm switching to a 17/15 setup from a 18/17. I'm looking at lighter front runners. I was running the 28x6r18 sr sportsman on my 18s and that's an incredibly heavy tire. I'm considering getting the 27"ET fronts for my 17s but I hate bias ply. So I found that m&h has a new 28" radial front...
  11. NT555R2 vs NT05R

    If you're running negative camber, you might not. I'm running 0.
  12. NT555R2 vs NT05R

    If you're lowered and trying to run a 315 35 20, you might run into rubbing issues. I am.
  13. Magneride worth for just 1/4?

    I don't think anyone has really pushed the limits of mag ride as far as drag racing goes. But being able to adjust firmness on the fly is nice. Mag ride is a bit more firm than stock PP suspension and controls bumps much better.
  14. I keep running through 02 sensors!! Why??

    I had a similar issue with my 2015 gt. I had a steeda tune for a while, then switched to Lund when I added a GT350 mani. I started going through 02s left and right. Only on 93 too. I eliminated the extensions and still had issues. Swapped to ntk 02s and it lasted a few months and I traded the...
  15. Nebraska Baer 15" Drag Pack Rear

    Aren't these like 11.4" or something? What's the part number? I plan on running some keizer 15x9s
  16. Nebraska Baer 15" Drag Pack Rear

    I'm interested. What setup did you up going with out of curiosity?
  17. Steeda lowering springs for MagneRide??

    Steeda mag ride lowering springs are perfect. I ran a 325 30r19 first then went to a 305 35 20 setup. Not rubbing issues. going to a 315 35 20 Nt555r2 I got into rubbing issues lol. I'm also running 0 camber (drag racing setup).
  18. Front Camera Haze

    I have on occasion, but my windshield is filthy when it happens. Yours looks really hazy. Definitely try to warranty it unless you're handy and impatient.
  19. 90 octane Ethanol free gas or 93 octane 10% ethanol...

    I would only suggest ethonal free if the vehicle sits for long periods. But 93 with ethonal blend will yield more power.
  20. PMAS intake w/tune stalling on warm start

    Running the stock maf. 15-17 are not compatible