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  1. New York Carbon trunk/hood, MMD grills, Cervinis Lip, hood vents

    Trunk Still Available? I'm in AZ but interested in the trunk
  2. Original owners group

    Been rolling with my car since 2015
  3. Arizona OEM Taillights 15-17

    Price Drop $350 Shipped
  4. Arizona OEM Taillights 15-17

    Selling My OEM Taillights with blackout vinyl on them easily removable.Took them off the car around 25,000 miles they are in great condition, I am asking $400.00 shipped anywhere in the US
  5. Replacing Interior Dash Trim

    The first time I pulled my dash pieces was to install an Nguage and everything fit fine after that reinstall I only had some issues when I wrapped my dash pieces and issues was due to the vinyl bunching up in a spot where the clips go once I pulled it back off to and moved the vinyl everything...
  6. Replacing Interior Dash Trim

    Its actually a pretty simple process, just have to leverage the pull the clips off. I attached one of the youtube videos that I used when I pulled mine off to wrap. Hope this helps
  7. Lund Tune Help!!

    Ok so I returned the the tune back to the stock tune and the car turned on and runs, so I'm thinking it might be the tune but I'm not sure anyone got any ideas?
  8. Lund Tune Help!!

    My buddy and I installed the manifold this morning followed all the steps properly, yeah I'm using lockouts
  9. Lund Tune Help!!

    Yes I returned the car to stock and reloaded the lund tune a twice with the same issue. Haven't tried turning the car on stock because I installed a 2018 intake manifold on it so I don't want to turn on the engine with a stock tune and the new manifold as I'm not sure if it will cause any more...
  10. Lund Tune Help!!

    I apologize for the long post I need help, I know lunds service department is closed during the weekend so I am seeing if anyone has dealt with something like this before or has any ideas on what to do, I have tried to reflash a few times and have made sure my battery is charged. So my issue...
  11. New to the Phoenix Area

    Just moved to Phoenix from Colorado looking to get my windows tinted any recommendations on shops down here? Also looking for more info on the car scene down here as well as some locations for photos. Thanks Guys
  12. Steeda Forum Discount code?

    About to order some Steeda Ultralite springs any chance I could get code please!
  13. FS Howler Badges

    It is black nickel and red and yes it is still available heres a few more pictures s550_GT
  14. FS Howler Badges

    Selling a Back Nickel Howler badge asking 30 for it shipping included
  15. Feedback Needed! GT350 Style Coyote Version 2 Badge!

    Both look great looking forward to purchasing one once they release. Love the detail in the artwork