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  1. Low mileage 2018 GT350R being sold by Ford dealer in CO for $78.6k... w/o CF rims

    I was quoted less then what you posted as a reference. I’ll leave it at that.
  2. 17 gen 5 whipple belt install help!!!

    Don’t sweat it. It happens to the best of us. It’s like walking through the house going wtf are my keys, and your holding them the whole time. Lol
  3. The whipple wait

    Lethal checked for me today. Were told by W that mine should ship either end of this week or first of next. We’ll see. I surely won’t complain if it comes to fruition. :clap:
  4. Low mileage 2018 GT350R being sold by Ford dealer in CO for $78.6k... w/o CF rims

    A good volume shop with a decent account with there local Ford Dealer can get them for less than that. The car is priced right and won’t sit there for long.
  5. The whipple wait

    What was the new eta? lol My order was 11/28. I’m going to do the bqck of the car mods Ive been waiting on when my clutch shows up.
  6. Whipple Stage 1 or 2?

    I’d like some references on that as well if there out there.
  7. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    My buddy and I will be there for the same dates.
  8. P0019 code ??? Whipple/OPG install

    Hope it works out for you this time!
  9. First Track Experience in the 350R - what a car

    Jealous! Don’t think I’ll get to put mine on track till mid summer. Very cool!
  10. P0019 code ??? Whipple/OPG install

    Was your timing off? Balancer typically seat and will not seat any more. That being said you can probably find a measurement online from the balancer to the block.
  11. Selling 2019 Shelby GT350

    You’ll get your price or very close to it. Ignore the negative nancy’s. Your not out of line. My 20 non-r would be gone tomorrow if I wanted for low 70’s.
  12. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Thanks. The Steeda “jig” is pretty cool. For me it’s just as easy toI pop out a jig with some leftover plywood in a few minutes. That 2 3/4” number is what I was after. :clap:
  13. New clutch

    Waiting on my Whipple, like so many others. Figured I’d do the back half of the car and get it done while I’m waiting. I’m going to change the clutch but have no experience with what’s available currently. My original only has 900 miles on and I know I could by for a bit, but I’d rather not. I’d...
  14. The whipple wait

    I’m betting you guys could get someone to take your spots no problem if you really want out. I can’t imagine what the covid bs supply issue’s have done to there business model. I’m a GC and to say it’s fxcked up mine is an understatement. I’m anxious as hell to, but no way am I backing out.
  15. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    What size hole saw did you use? Also, was the splitter aftermarket? Thanks
  16. The whipple wait

    I’ve had inquiries like people similar to yourself. Sorry, but not every one that has a successful business has the need or desire to accommodate every potential client. In some cases and situations its better to let some go down the road. It’s unfortunate your unhappy with Whipple, but your...
  17. The whipple wait

    There’s a reason why some manufacturers of products always have kits in stock, and others don’t. It’s no different then being able to purchase a new home from a company that cranks them out and a custom home builder that has a wait. Demand exceeds supply. It’s not for everyone.
  18. For those who have repaired their front rims inner barrel ceramic coating

    Am I understanding this correctly, you want to leave the oem carbons on the rear and run an aftermarket on the front.
  19. The whipple wait

    Mine was ordered 11/28, but was probably not processed for up to two weeks, Hmmm.
  20. Almost carjacked today...

    You keep saying let it go, but continue to push your perspective and agenda. Maybe it’s time for you to take your own advice. If you would chose not to possibly defend yourself that’s your right, quite possibly to your demise. It’s also someone else’s right to do the opposite.