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  1. Cervini Ram Air hood front vents?

    i got my ram air duct, works pretty good.
  2. Cervinis GT500 Hood. Anyone installed the quik latch pins ?

    i have used them but i dont think it needs them unless u going over 180 mph
  3. Cervinis ram air hood

    This is My Ram Air, i like it but thinking of selling it and go with another look
  4. Cervinis GT500 hood for 2018

    have you also seen lower engine temps with this hood?!
  5. Cervinis GT500 hood for 2018

    that is the best thing. I want this hood for next year, hoping to lower my odin temps as much as i can.
  6. Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH pictures

    It fits perfectly actually lol. just slid in :)
  7. Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH pictures

    Fits 2018+ JLT with Cervini Grill
  8. SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    In ur Case id go with Procharger since u got the manifold already. U will benefit more.
  9. High speed sway with Mickey Thompson ss tires.

    I had this issue before i had a 19x11 rear wheel with 325/30/19 Mickey, it started to sway after 60 mph. I switched to Nitto Nt05R 305/35/19 sway was gone. I think its just the tire is to wide and mickeys are softer sidewall so both of those factors play a roll in sway. if Mickeys would be 305...
  10. SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    i agree Whipple was my number 1 choice, just got a better price for Odin :) also this install was easy according to my mechanic. I honestly think Whipple will shine after 1100 WHP. just because its more displacement. But thats my opinion
  11. 2018 VMP Blown PONY

    Thank you i love my ODIN it does the job. went 6.0 60-130 planing to brake the 9s with just Odin on MS109. then move to e85 for more power. its actually very nice setup no less powerfull as whipple 3.0
  12. 2018 VMP Blown PONY

    Hey guys this is my car a 2018 Mustang GT pp1. You can check out Instagram is Ale_By_ Engine: Started as a N/A with JLT, Ebay (Pypes knockoff) headers, Borla Resonator, MBRP axle-back. Palm Beach Dyno E85 tuned. Tracked it, had a best of [email protected] on it full interior. Wheels: Had VMS 17x10...
  13. SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    I have a VMP Odin, A10. Car drives like stock until u go beyond 20% pedal then it wakes the dead up. Honestly if u like spirited driving, PD blowers are handfull id go with Centri. But i like to fight with the car and hold on for your life, then PD Blower
  14. 18+ 10r80 TUNER suggestion

    hey guys i have a friend with 19 ecoboost pp car 10r80 he wants to do a custom tune. Suggestions? Would be appriciated.
  15. PD tuning Burble Tune

    where can i get that PD tune? please send a link
  16. WTB: Axle back exhaust 2018-2020 GT.

    got ya. ;)
  17. Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs 15-20 w/o MagnaRide

    Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs 15-20 w/o MagnaRide $200 OBO · New Springville, Staten Island $200 - Free shipping, US only Coupe Drop: Front - 1.5” Rear - 1.3" Convertible Drop: Front - 1.6” Rear - 1.4” Bought the car with them, too low for my Liking.