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  1. Custom/On3 Single 88mm Turbo

    Should be fine...Definitely still a street car, retained AC and all! I was at the end of the ropes with that kit, it really was not going to go any faster without 4 into 1 headers, air to water or custom 6" Intercooler etc.. No one has ran faster than mid to low 8s on the top mount hellion kit...
  2. Custom/On3 Single 88mm Turbo

    Little more progress
  3. Custom/On3 Single 88mm Turbo

    Received my new On3 kit a few weeks back, while it is a nice kit for those wanting to make 600-800whp as it comes it simply is not enough for my setup. Instead we decided to use basically the manifolds and as much of the kit as possible and transform it into a 1500hp capable setup utilizing a...
  4. On3 s550 Single

    Purchased my on3 single kit on Feb 14th, Was told a month later a few days ago on March 15th that my kit was still 5-6 weeks out...
  5. How much am I putting to the wheel?

    720-750 sounds about right with that 60-130 time.. That car aint trapping 150 from a dig either
  6. New PB Hellion Top Mount 8.6 @ 163

    Finally got back out to the track after weeks of rain and managed an 8.6 @ 163mph, On one pass it managed a 1.25 60' but I had to abort the run due to another small issue of course that was the best 60' all day lol..The car really needs a chute to be slowing down at these speeds, The brakes...
  7. Procharger ProFlo fake news

    The real argument should be which valve is most obnoxious lol...
  8. 1500HP Sleeved block build!

    If you are using a stock uncut crank and everything is undamaged and good then you would use STD size bearings like I did BUT its still a good idea to mic everything and determine your clearances are correct..
  9. Best Connecting Rods money can buy for 1500 RWHP

    I had this same decision to make during my build, wound up going with the wiseco boostline rods... claim 2000hp capable! Heres on next to a stock rod..
  10. 1500HP Sleeved block build!

    Made a huge amount of progress, got the motor built and in the car all in 4 days... Jan 2 was a bare block to in the car running on the 5th! Here's all the pics from the build!
  11. Thinking about a built shortblock

    The stock motor will handle 850-900whp for a long time on good fuel and tuning... 1000 is doable but for a long time is questionable.
  12. Is Boostane really that bad for our cars?

    I personally ran about 50 cans of octanium over a year or so.. no issues
  13. 1500HP Sleeved block build!

    Wound up returning the crank due to rust on the journals which was hard to see, waiting on the replacement now. In the meantime got the pistons on the rods!
  14. 1/4 Mile Fast List 2.0

    Old slip from earlier in the year... 15' Gen2 Stock motor Hellion Twin 6266 turbos Full weight 17-18psi, Pump E85.
  15. On3 Performance TT kit

    Id be more concerned about the all new single kit from them..
  16. 1500HP Sleeved block build!

    Little progress and pistons showed up
  17. 1500HP Sleeved block build!

    Just got my block back from L&M engines, they did the sleeves and I'll be doing the entire assembly myself.. Looking for low 8s and 1250-1350whp on kill, going to find the limits of the gen2 62mm turbos pretty quick probably. Build List: Sleeved block by L&M Engines Diamond 11.5:1 CR Pistons...
  18. How many S550's have trapped over 170mph?

    Im building a Gen2 Sleeved block with 11.5:1CR, boostline rods etc..I have a OG hellion kit with BB 6266s... Ill be going for 168-170MPH traps at 26-28psi... We shall see!
  19. 2 Fastest 2018 mustangs and NEW WORLD RECORD by LPF

    Wondering myself how that trans is holding the power, I know the guys using everything available are still having issues making the kind of power you are, you guys must have some magic in there.
  20. Boost weather

    Natural with more dense air like this, Add a can of octanium in each tank and run the piss out of it.. Or you may be fine with the colder IATs and straight 93 will suffice. Log it and review