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  1. 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang leaked specs: 720HP @ 7500 RPM, 650 ft-lbs @ 4500 RPM, 4225lbs curb weight

    If it weighs this much I'm headed the Z06 direction. Still holding out hope but I always thought this was gonna be a pig due to the base s550 GT curb weight. I'll rock the Z06 for a few years while I wait for the S650 Gt500!
  2. Mishimoto coolant expansion tank leaking

    Silicone tubing will work. That's what I use for my homebrew setup!
  3. Feedback Needed! GT350 Style Coyote Version 2 Badge!

    Thanks for the feedback. The teeth have been fixed in the production version and I will update the pics up top to reflect the change. For now we are sticking with "COYOTE" as more seem to prefer it. It also allows F150 owners to use the badge which we were surprised was even of interest to them...
  4. Simple Grill Mod

    Buy this! Helps immensely with that 7mm bolt. You'll thank me later.
  5. Forum discount?

    Discount code por favor. Gracias.
  6. CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    PM discount code please. Looking to make a purchase. Thanks!
  7. knucklehead's ecoboost build thread!

    Great build! Anyone else think that front emblem looks a bit large or is it just me?
  8. LMR SVE X550 Steering Wheel

    This video is great and worth a watch, thanks for sharing. That carbon fiber wheel looks amazing.
  9. Boost Works 1200hp entry level twin turbo kit? Starting around $6k!

    Travis, Do you recommend OPG/CS with this setup or is that more for supercharged cars due to the extra crank strain they cause?
  10. I have a dilemma. I need quiet horsepower. Pics included

    Why do people continue to spread this BS? Your warranty is not "gone". However, anything attributable to the increase in power can be denied. If your window switch stops working it's covered, etc.
  11. FS: 2015 Mustang GT. Track Ready Car

    Any interest in a trade plus cash on my end for a 2015 GT Premium PP so you can start a fresh build :)? If not, any plans for a new car/build?

    About 5 months ago: Used 2015 GT Premium PP Manual, 3.5k miles. 33.5k out the door including all taxes and fees.
  13. Do you stick with Mustangs all your life?

    Nice joke. You forgot the sarcasm font. ; )
  14. Buy 17 or wait for 18 thread

    If you don't have one already then I would wait. The mag ride, new motor, new trans options are all worth it among other things.
  15. Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    Overall the new features/options are impressive. +New motor (DI and more power) +Mag Ride +A10 +Much More After giving it some time I don't hate the front end, but I do dislike the shape of the headlights. If they kept the headlights the same as the 15-17 I think it looks MUCH better.
  16. Gt350 Track Pack Spoiler?

    No problem. PM Sent. Thanks again.
  17. Gt350 Track Pack Spoiler?

    You are a life saver. Let me know when and i can PayPal you any money for shipping costs plus something extra for your time.
  18. Mustang Hybrid (S650) Announced, Debuts in 2020

    I think you couldn't be further from the truth... Look at all of the special edition models that have come out over the last 5 years? Ford has been a leader in this area and I think they will continue to be.