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  1. Save battery message

    Had this issue as well for the first time last month when the car sat for about 3 weeks (factory battery, 4 years old). Same as you, covid, working from home, and cold weather. Had a few sunny days so took the car out on the hwy and some longer cruises and the warning went away. Took a few...
  2. Cleaning Rear Window Glass (Inside).

    Sorry to get super detailed about this, but was hoping to learn something. I use the 2 cloth method but I still wind up with lint afterwards. So I soak a waffle weave cloth with cleaner, wipe, flip cloth, wipe. Then I switch to a second microfiber cloth and do a buff to get the rest but I...
  3. Cleaning Rear Window Glass (Inside).

    Agreed, I find I start with the flipped hand cotorsion technique than switch to this to get to the bottom. It annoys me the least that way! I so far haven't found a better way to get to the bottom of the rear windshield though unfortunately.
  4. Cleaning Rear Window Glass (Inside).

    I use this:
  5. Steeda's New Minimum Drop S550 Lowering Springs

    Is there a good option for a Canadian distributor for your neighbors up north? Covid means no more shipping to a US mailbox to pick up for us =(

    Weekend drive...........
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  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I picked up a couple of the VW grocery hooks and am doing research on where/how to install them in the trunk. I'd love to see what you come up with!
  11. What to do with stock exhaust

    Tried to sell, no one wanted, also threw it away (at a metal recycling depot)
  12. MBRP Race ver. exhaut in Vancouver / Lower Mainland?

    Looks like they have a few shops that supply those in Richmond: I would trust Garage Five myself as I haven't tried the other ones personally. Great staff, good prices. Like Blue Moon says tho...
  13. Lowering springs questions

    Thanks so much for the answers rucus! That's the problem with this forum.............. people are FAR too helpful..... gets expensive!
  14. Lowering springs questions

    I'm not gonna lie, the wife is a huge factor in this as well.
  15. Lowering springs questions

    That's great to hear! So no weird creaks or anything and at speed everything as wicked with no complaints? Do you have shots of the completed masterpiece?
  16. Lowering springs questions

    I'm chatting with Steeda (John) right now about pretty much the same concerns LOL. I love how they're so patient. I'm in the same boat: want a more compliant ride but a bit wary from having a lowered car before with all the issues that come with. The spring rate of the Sport Progressives...
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