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  1. Introduce yourself!!

    Hi everyone! I've always been a silent reader on these forums.. But realized I never introduced myself. I love all Mustangs! My first was a 15 comp orange 15 EB AT and currently I have an Oxford white 19 GT 6MT. They have both been great Thankful for this forum!
  2. S550 track ready?

    What are some track events /organizations? The one I went to at Watkins was an SCDA event. They have great instructors if you are in the novice category. There's intermediate and advanced groups too. Pricey fees, but great quality events and very organized.
  3. S550 track ready?

    I had so much fun at the Glen.. I can't imagine how much better it will be with some more upgrades. I went on the stock Nero all season tires too haha...
  4. S550 track ready?

    Sweet thanks for all the info! Yeah I'm upgrading the rotors too.. Just saying that the pads are what we're obviously effected. Makes sense that the rotors were the main culprit.
  5. S550 track ready?

    Nope not PP. Just a GT Premium. Of course it would be great to mod more to make it stronger and more reliable on the track.. But just saying the car felt strong on the track as is, minus the pads... I will definitely do more before going again... The pads felt strong for 5 rounds but definitely...
  6. S550 track ready?

    I just took my 19 GT 6MT to Watkins Glen. It was so damn fun! I'm stock except a CAI and H-pipe. Changed brake fluid to Motul 600. My baby stayed strong the entire time, and I pushed pretty hard with max speed at 115. The only thing that suffered were my stock brake pads. Didn't realize they...
  7. Palm Beach Cars & Coffee - FloridaS550.Com & Refined Muscle - Mustang Invasion!

    Is anyone meeting up north of WPB?