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  1. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Thanks... However, the ford site states that my car is up to date after I enter my VIN, hmmm. "Your SYNC system (SYNC3 v3.3.19052) is up to date."
  2. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    My VIN still shows 3.3 (3.3.19052) as the most recent... NA-2019 car. Are you all downloading directly from ford? Thanks
  3. CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    Does this still work? Need a discount code, please!
  4. 2017 Barely Used Performance Pack Suspension Sale, Dampers, Springs, Sways, Toe Links

    Lmk if you'd split the rear shocks. (blue label) I'm interested, thanks. I don't need the front struts.
  5. Who wants to go Flex Fuel?

    Flexfuel would be awesome!
  6. Discount code?

    Same here looking for a discount code as well for some suspension goodies, thanks!
  7. Brake Caliper paint tampa

    4-pots are actually Continental, not Brembo ;) They are kick ass calipers either way.
  8. Close-call thread (Dash Cam)

    Man, what an asshole, ffs.
  9. Palm Beach Cars & Coffee - FloridaS550.Com & Refined Muscle - Mustang Invasion!

    I am, but we were trying to figure out if we could meet you somewhere along the way to partake on the big cruise. Are you planing to jump on any apps like Zello to have comms during the drive?
  10. CFL alignment?

    You could try Trickpro Motorsports in PalmBay
  11. Base Eco Suspension - AutoX

    I think I'm ok hitting the apex for the most part.. Been watching a lot of instructional videos. What I mean by using the brakes more is that I need to get better at finding braking zones, and learning to tail brake better. This stuff is addicting. Thanks again for all the tips.
  12. Base Eco Suspension - AutoX

    Well, that's driver 101... I need to be a lot more aggressive with brakes. Will definitely try at this weekend's event.
  13. Base Eco Suspension - AutoX

    Thanks again, and yes most of the autox guys I've spoken to have said as much. I'm sure I'm nowhere near getting the most out of my car as-is, I'd love to go for a ride with someone with an S550 that is more skilled to experience the car from that perspective or have someone drive mine to...
  14. Base Eco Suspension - AutoX

    PS: It would be a really cool test to be able to do instrumented slaloms of a GTPP vs a base suspension EB (non-PP) to see the differences in lateral grip. With stock and GTPP tires. Do remember, the standard EB gets smaller sway bars, no braces, smaller single piston brakes/discs, etc. It's...
  15. Base Eco Suspension - AutoX

    The lack of low end torque is very real in the scenario presented, this isn't stock for stok. 360wtq @ 5k from a coyote vs an EB with more than 50lbs extra @2.5k makes a difference when coming out of turns, let's not make this GT vs EB though :) Wise words, modding for the sake of doing so...
  16. Base Eco Suspension - AutoX

    GT is nowhere near as fun though, nose feels significantly heavier and has no low end torque in comparison. I had a chance to drive a base GTPP and aside from those, the mechanical grip felt awesome after the initial turn-in issue. Also, the 6pots were a dream on repeated runs. I do think...
  17. Base Eco Suspension - AutoX

    Wow, awesome response I really appreciate it. I'm going to have to try to find a good deal on wheels and go from there. Sounds like it's at least worth waiting to do it right. Thanks again!
  18. Base Eco Suspension - AutoX

    They had a difficult time classing my car due to mods, last one I ended up with was STU. Primary goal for the car wasn't AutoX, or I'd been more careful with the mods I used. As is though, I've been pretty competitive, but I want more grip around corners :)
  19. Base Eco Suspension - AutoX

    Thanks, just what I thought... Would it be worth throwing sticky 255s on my stock 18x8.5 as a dedicated track set over the GTPPs? or do I need to bite the bullet and buy wider tires/wheels?
  20. Base Eco Suspension - AutoX

    Anyone else here AutoX their base eco (not PP) suspension? I do with mine, and while the car feels great, has good turn in, etc... I do feel a bit of body roll. I'm also using the GT PP wheels/tires which provide decent grip. However, I feel like I need more lateral grip. I can feel the...