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  1. Michigan Ford Performance Track Swaybar Front Adjustable - 37mm

    Damn if you’d consider shipping this, I’d definitely be interested. Live in south Texas
  2. Borla S-type axle-back with active exhaust

    Thinking about changing up my exhaust setup which currently consists of: Stock headers with MAK cat delete pipes w/ 3" resonators welded in X-pipe (not sure which brand previous owner installed) Stock active exhaust mufflers I feel indifferent about my current setup (pictured below). I'd...
  3. Trying to pin point some idle issues after IM/CAI mods-Datalogs included

    Can also upload logs to which gives you a web interface to view it on
  4. Best shocks and struts for bmr sp083r springs

    No problem and the only downside to me is the price. Prior to purchasing, I looked into a lot of the other shock/strut combos that everyone recommends, which I'm sure are great and probably a better value, but I definitely wanted that adjustability. I luckily found a used set posted by a guy up...
  5. Best shocks and struts for bmr sp083r springs

    Able to get everything installed yesterday: • BMR SP083R springs • Steeda Adjustable Pro-Action Shocks/Struts • BMR CB010 + CB762 • Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates My initial first impression is that with the CB010/CB762 and shocks/struts adjusted to 1/4 turn from full soft rides...
  6. Erratic fuel trims?

    I did KAM reset couple days ago and still having these wide variations in fuel trims. E85 has been testing a bit lower than usual, but not substantially below E85 (~75%). Lund told me they don't see any issues in the logs other than running richer, so maybe it's all in my head and I'm...
  7. Erratic fuel trims?

    Before anyone asks, I already sent Lund some logs and waiting on response. I just wanted some outside input from some second (or 3rd) set of eyes. Car is 2019 GT PP1 on E85R Lund tune, Airaid intake tubing w/ stock airbox, and MAK delete pipes. 3 total logs. 1 WOT (albeit short), cruising...
  8. FP Track Handling Pack

    Thinking about the RLCA bushings - what difference(s) did you notice after install?
  9. Best shocks and struts for bmr sp083r springs

    Little pricier, but the adjustable steeda pro-action struts are a good choice as well per some of the knowledgable forum members here (BmacIL) I have this current setup that I will be installing later today/tomorrow, so I can give you some feedback about it. I had the pro-actions on my prior...
  10. New LMR SVE SP2 Wheels (PP2 Replica)

    Got mine installed today :) now all she needs is some lowering springs 19x10 squared on 285/35/19 Michelin PS4S tires
  11. Installing New Speakers in B&O System

    Which JL audio sub is this? Is it basically a plug/play drop in replacement for the B&O sub with enough power from factory amp? Haven’t taken the rear subwoofer out so not sure if amp is located there or in the front deck
  12. Any hope of a mess free oil change? You could try using this, it helps a bit and would be much simpler solution than relocating the oil filter.
  13. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    looking to sell my digital cluster - if buyer has same year car/trans and basically same mileage, do they need to reprogram it for their VIN or can they just plug/play?
  14. Delete, mistaken post

    Delete, posted in error
  15. Tis a sad day that I wish was an April fools joke.

    agreed! Which is why I pushed for it to get totaled. And car shopping is pretty fun, just wish there were more options closer. Many of the cars that I’m interested in are out of state but it would be a fun drive back home lol
  16. Tis a sad day that I wish was an April fools joke.

    Thank y'all! I provided valuation documents to my adjuster and we came to a very reasonable ACV for the vehicle, so I'm satisfied. Wow, that guy sounds like a douche! Glad you avoided any problems with that, because this process has been nothing short of stressful lol
  17. Tis a sad day that I wish was an April fools joke.

    To update everyone: The damage repair costs did end up being around $27k. In Texas, insurance companies can decide to repair a vehicle up until the repair costs exceed 100% ACV of the vehicle; however, this isn't a hard fast rule and it's ultimately up to the insurer to decide if a vehicle is...
  18. Tis a sad day that I wish was an April fools joke.

    The threshold differs from state to state with many not requiring "north of 80%". Assuming mine is ~$34-35k, then $25k would put it pretty close to the threshold.... At the very least, it's borderline. Do you think the value is >$40k? because it's definitely not. At least not my area, it's...
  19. Tis a sad day that I wish was an April fools joke.

    Wow $25K!? that's insane, doesn't even look like that much damage. If mine is truly on the cusp of total loss, I may just try to push for it to be totaled since many of the front end parts are on back order and may take several weeks to come in (per collision shop).
  20. Tis a sad day that I wish was an April fools joke.

    Few updates: The complete disassembly is still in the works, but I got a chance to look at the car's exterior damage more thoroughly. With respect to the front end of the car, obviously the hood, bumper cover/grill, radiator components, and headlight need to be replaced. Also, the left frame...