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  1. Time For A New Battery

    Hey guys, any idea on the Champion brand battery for 2015 eco boost. It’s sold in pep boys and has a 25% off going on now. I am trying to find reviews online but in vain.
  2. Champion premium 96r - is it a good battery?

    Time to replace my oem battery and looking for options. Pep boys has a 25% Off on champion premium 96r battery. Any idea if that’s a good one?. I don’t have any mods.
  3. 2015 Ecoboost PP - Continental DSW06 worn out, what's next?

    Thank you all for the suggestions again. I went ahead with Conti DSW06 again. There was a "free installation rebate" going on with pep boys on continental tires, so felt like a good deal. do check out pepboys website if anyone is looking to buy Continental tires.
  4. 65000 miles - services/replacements/clean-up suggesstions please

    My 2015 pp ecoboost has hit 65k miles and I am looking for advices on services that's needed(other than oil change and tire rotation) to make sure the car runs smooth for a longer period of time. Currently I do not experience anything that's bothering. just being proactive.
  5. 2015 Ecoboost PP - Continental DSW06 worn out, what's next?

    Thank you. Appreciate your inputs.
  6. 2015 Ecoboost PP - Continental DSW06 worn out, what's next?

    for some reason, I don't see this tire coming up for my ecoboost. This tire isn't available for your 2015 Ford Mustang Fastback EcoBoost I4 Performance Pkg.
  7. 2015 Ecoboost PP - Continental DSW06 worn out, what's next?

    thank you, will look into general as05
  8. 2015 Ecoboost PP - Continental DSW06 worn out, what's next?

    Yes looking for All Seasons. Thanks, Michelin looks good. Bit expensive than Continental DSW06 though...
  9. 2015 Ecoboost PP - Continental DSW06 worn out, what's next?

    Hey guys, Based on y'all suggestions I changed my stock tires to Continental DSW06 3 years ago and loved them to the core. After about 40k miles on them, the inner side walls are worn out and time to change the tires. The car is NOT going to be daily driver anymore (have hit 65k miles now) and...
  10. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Thank you!! Custom?? Alright let me message you. Please let me know the details and I am just getting started with the research on the catbacks. All I want is some good base sound to the car, nothing too loud or annoying.
  11. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Anyone know a good place (mechanic/auto shop) in and around Charlotte area to install new exhaust/catbacks for my ecoboost? I have not decided on the product/brand yet, but wanted to get a quote from someone who could install them. Please advise. -Hemanth
  12. EB Mustang Exhaust sound Clip thread.

    Thanks!! Where did you order all your parts? I am still trying to figure what each part mean and where to get them installed lol.
  13. EB Mustang Exhaust sound Clip thread.

    Hello guys, Here is an amateur question to y'all. I have decided I need more sound from my ecoboost. I do not want to change the entire exhaust set up. I need good deep sound when starting/idling and not a rattling kind of noise when driving / cruising. What kind of set up would you guys...
  14. What are good alternatives to the stock pirellis ?

    Does this sound like a good price? Conti DSW 06 - 255/40/19 - $211 each in Walmart and there is a $70 rebate from continental on purchase of a set of 4.
  15. After your P Zeroes wore out, what tire did you go to?

    How important are the tire sizes, I read people installing new tires which are not the exact same size like stocks. my pp ecoboost has stock summer p zeros with 255/40/19 and am planning to change to DWS with same size, but also interested to know what other sizes I could look into and how it...
  16. After your P Zeroes wore out, what tire did you go to?

    planning to go the conti dsw 06 route to replace my stock summer p zeros. any idea on the discounts being offered anywhere with the holiday season around the corner?
  17. (video)one of the best sounding exhaust + BOV (in my opinion)

    Your stang looks like a wild beast, is it wrap or paint job? Also where did you get those front grille corner lights, can't take my eyes off of it. Not sure if you have posted about it it other threads, please share links if so.
  18. (video)one of the best sounding exhaust + BOV (in my opinion)

    Likewise !! i wish my stang sounds that way all the time:D
  19. Passenger seat rattle *premium ecoboost*

    Wow, I thought it was just me. Even I hear mild squeaking noise from the passenger seat side (only when it is occupied I think). not able to figure out the exactly location of the noise origination yet. Planning to talk to dealer next time when I go for oil change, but how would I explain...

    Recall Date: SEP 02, 2016 Recall Title: DOOR LATCH REPLACEMENT NHTSA Recall Number: 16V643 Ford Recall Number: 16S30 Found the above recall notification in my account ( Called the dealership to check and was told that Ford did not send the replacement parts yet and it is...