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  1. Hellion Sleeper - BorgWarner Airwerks S200SX-E 7670

    How much boost? I assume E85? I have the street sleeper kit on my 2016 with journal bearing precision 62/66's on E85. I've never had it on the dyno, but as far as I can tell I have not experienced valve float. My kit also has the boost actuated cutouts which may help.
  2. Best bang for buck CAI and Tune?

    Why not just go with a different supercharger and a custom tune then? Your going to just be spending money twice if you do a tune/cai now and then a supercharger down the road. The tune isn't worth all that much if you don't have access to E85 anyway.
  3. Best bang for buck CAI and Tune?

    Are you going to go the Roush supercharger route because of the warranty? If so, why would you potentially void the warranty now before the supercharger goes on? Also that Roush warranty starts from the date/mileage you bought the car, not when the supercharger is installed. Just something to...
  4. Custom/On3 Single 88mm Turbo

    Looks nice, but what happened to the Hellion setup you used to run?
  5. Will I pass PA emission and inspection with an X-pipe?

    I would call someplace else. I had a NJ temp tag and got my inspection/emissions done with no problem. If you look at the PA law, I believe you are required to have the car inspected within 10 days.
  6. Will I pass PA emission and inspection with an X-pipe?

    Don't you have a temp tag now? You can get it inspected if you do.
  7. Will I pass PA emission and inspection with an X-pipe?

    I was able to get my used Mustang I bought in NJ last May inspected with the temp NJ tag with no issues. I am in PA.
  8. Built short block rpg

    If I'm spending the better part of $10,000 on a shortblock, it will be sleeved. Under 1000hp, maybe you can get away with it. Past that, I'd want sleeves.
  9. One Piece Driveshaft

    I have a dynotech driveshaft in my car. No vibration. I read the posts about DSS and avoided them. I would have no problem recommending the dynotech driveshaft. I think they make the driveshafts for NASCAR too.
  10. HALP! Strut Tower Brace No Go!

    Have you had cars with and without? I've never noticed a difference, then again I am a drag race guy.
  11. HALP! Strut Tower Brace No Go!

    Unless you plan on tracking your car(road course), im not sure you will ever notice a difference between a strut tower brace and no brace. I wouldn't spend too much money/time trying to make it fit.
  12. HALP! Strut Tower Brace No Go!

    I think guys have lowered the motor and/or added spacers under the strut tower brace to make it fit.
  13. HALP! Strut Tower Brace No Go!

    You can safely drive the car without a strut tower brace. Many Mustangs don't even come with one. I don't understand the emergency.
  14. Texas OEM 2019 GT Rear Deck Lid Panel

    I'm interested, I assume this fits all 2015+ cars? I'm in PA, zip code 19054. Let me know how much shipped, if the other people are not interested. Thanks!
  15. Prepping the stock motor for boost

    I just don't think its worth the $1600 when trying to make mid 800hp with a turbo setup.
  16. Prepping the stock motor for boost

    I wouldn't waste money on cams for a mid 800hp build.
  17. 18 wheeler ran a stop sign. Fixable?

    I doubt its totaled, but without knowing the year and mileage who knows. A creampuff with low miles, probably not totaled. A 2015 with 120k miles, might be totaled. Its all about the value of the car vs cost of the repairs.
  18. Prepping the stock motor for boost

    How much power are you looking to make? You may be wasting your time. I know people open up the ring gaps on LS engines, I've not heard of anyone doing it to a Coyote.
  19. Anyone have a 2020-up Explorer?

    We have a 2020 Telluride that my wife mostly drives. Bought it new in March of 2019. No problems with it at all. It's a really nice vehicle. 10yr/100k mile powertrain warranty. The only problem with buying one now is that many dealers are charging over MSRP.