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  1. Trying to get a better grill look

    RTR upper and DIY lower grill delete
  2. Anderson Composites TT Hood

    Buy it for me and I'll take any kind of pictures you want :hail:
  3. diode dynamics DRL GILLS/ demon eyes

    Use this link Alex s550 shows you how to do it. And just use the wiring guide that came with your kit. If you still have issues just get into contact with Nick from diode dynamics. He will help every step of the way
  4. Cracked windshield?!?!?

    I seriously just went on my insurance app (geico) and filed a claim and they charge me 25$ at my local safelite windshield repair. They replaced the whole windshield and it was the oem ford logo windshield
  5. All Wrapped up!

    Just the tip??? Is that you? Lol
  6. Ikon Motorsports GT350 diffuser and Corsa Quads

    Yessss the write up!!!! Looks awesome
  7. Black 5.0 Emblems On Black GT?

    Just do the ones they have them cheap. Make sure to order 2 because they sell them one at a time.
  8. MBRP spoiler and decklid - where can I get them?

    It's definitely the petty with a mbrp sticker. Don't be fooled by the angles it's defiently the petty.
  9. Project "Anna"

    Now you are giving us more ammo to tell your followers that you drive a gt350. :lol: Glad to see that the ikon is definitely worth the price too. Looking at the catfish fascia from them next week. :thumbsup:
  10. White Mustang GT | Classic5 Matte Gunmetal

    Need these in my life! Been waiting for you guys to put out the classic 5's
  11. A Mustang Into a Ferrari = Cheesy

    Its definitely not for me but for me sbloom5_0 can pull it off. That's just me. He broke the internet when he swapped the factories for the raxioms
  12. Detail Shop Las Vegas?

    I'm actually here today lol. Just keep brining it back in and eventually they'll charge you for the compact price 30$. I just keep it maintained by them every other week. They are really good about loyal customers. Clay bar/ wax maybe once a month or every other month
  13. Raxiom LED turn signals

    Probably nothing yet. Give it time and diode will come out with a solid product. :thumbsup: I trust they will cover all bases again with their lights. Due to everyone complaining about the quater marker lights. :headbonk:
  14. Extreme Dimensions - Wide Body Kit Install

    When you see it in person the last thing you say is "pshhhhh rivets. Naw, would never do this mod."or "there's a gap there." It's a badass car regardless of rivets. In all honesty there is no gaps. The OCD in the people on the thread see it as sticking out from the actual body form. Instead of...
  15. JLT Master Cylinder cover

    :hail: :hail: :hail: thank you JLT!
  16. WM Garage Auto Shift Knob Replacement- Pre-orders Tuesday

    BrantMcE I live in vegas and it hit 107 here the other day. And all I can say is the hottest part is the metal itself not the knob in general. Don't touch the silver part. Trust me :lol:
  17. Head Lights

    I know more likely both LED all the things and diode dynamics will have the touch sensor pad just like the led board for the headlight gills they both offer. But like I said before I'd just wait first a better product from a reputable company like diode dynamics . That if something goes wrong...
  18. Head Lights

    Wait for diode dynamics but pretty sure they have them out already. But I could be wrong. Don't do LED all the things. They are seriously slacking on customer service. And a couple people I know have run into big issues with them. Just trust the best and go DD. :headbang:
  19. Detail Shop Las Vegas?

    Decosse I got you man :thumbsup: Glad it all came together. And they got it done under 100$