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  1. Has MustangG6 Membership Accelerated Your Purchase?

    For me it definitely helped. When I first started looking at getting another car, I made a list of about a dozen possibilities with a 2014 close out Mustang being on the list. After researching the mustang on here and seeing the improvements over the previous generation, the 14 got scratched and...

    It all about $$$ Buying a new car is darn expensive so anything not necessary is secondary.
  3. 2015 Mustang GT Auto: Shaftmasters Alum. DS Install

    Please educate me as to benefits of the one piece driveshaft over the factory two piece driveshaft
  4. Questions about playing music from USB

    Does the SD card insert flush with the slot? Or does it stick out into the console compartment like flash memory sticks do?
  5. 5.0 Emblems

    Maybe I have missed out on a thread but I am wondering if you can plasti dip the side emblems on the car or if they have to be removed and reinstalled?
  6. Base GT 6 speaker system

    How do you set up the music on your USB? Sub folders for artists or just all the songs in the main directory without any further sorting?
  7. Mustang wagon or Mustang Ranchero?

    You forgot to put 4 door on the poll.
  8. What do you think of our new rear spoiler

    I would like to see a side view of the entire car to see how it ties in with the overall look of the car. The close-up's and piece views just don't give me a good picture. Also, the last picture makes it look like something just attached to the car rather than a true integrated piece. It might...
  9. Best looking S550 yet!

    One person's treasure is another person's trash. All I can do is shake my head and hope the designer goes to work for Chrysler.
  10. Question about color / delivery when ordering

    I am planning to order a 2015 GT shortly but have a question with respect to color and manufacturing schedule. Specifically, I want yellow but want to receive the car between mid-March and early April. When should I order to make that happen? My presumption is that Ford would be doing runs...
  11. No aftermarket jack & spare kit for the PP?

    There are previous threads discussing this. The actual problem is with the size of the GT Performance Package front brake assemblies. The normal Ford spare will not fit on the front. One answer might be to buy a regular Ford spare but be aware that it will only work on the rear. If a front tire...
  12. Is the rear deck spoiler growing on anyone else?

    Not "Clean Look OF a"..... Don't misquote me and then go off on a tangent.:frusty: Clean look (no spoiler) OR a bigger spoiler that actually looks like a spoiler. The little baby lip spoiler looks like crap, in my opinion.
  13. Is the rear deck spoiler growing on anyone else?

    Nope, still don't care for the spoiler. Too small. Much prefer the clean look or a bigger spoiler. Same with the hood. Don't care for the ridges that mimic a hood scoop. Would much prefer a real hood scoop.
  14. Anyone delete/yank the sound tube yet?

    How was the difference in sound in the cabin?
  15. Why delete the spoiler?

    I prefer no spoiler to the dinky spoiler Ford came up with. If they had a decent choice I might be good with a spoiler.
  16. So, who blew up this EcoBoost?

    You sure the color isn't Guard? looks like a greenish tinge to me. Maybe just my screen.
  17. Black 2015 GT - Black Wheels or Charcoal?

    I much prefer the charcoal.
  18. Stripes

    Do you have any other angles of this? The website has three pictures but nothing in profile.