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  1. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    Just tried vroom, they offered me $31k lol 2016 GT Premium with PP and 48k But I enjoy driving my car way too much.
  2. Whats the loudest axel back exhaust?

    Roush is definitely loud. The cold start itself is pretty loud for about 20-30 seconds. Even louder with an X or H. I'm actually surprised to hear that it's louder than the extremes. The corsa system is bigger in diameter (3" vs 2.5" stock). I want to add some long tubes but I fear it will...
  3. opt7 Switchback Turn signals...

    I had 2 pairs. My first pair hyperflashed on my 2015 ecoboost My second pair came on my 2016 GT from the original owner and it worked flawlessly up until recently, where the driver one would hyper flash half the time. ditched them and just went with the morimoto xb turn signals instead. They...
  4. Hello Carvana, adios Mustang. :(

    I would actually sell mine to carvana (they want 6k more than what they offered me 6 months ago) but this car is my current and only car so if i decided to buy another one i'd sell high then have to buy high due to covid hiking prices up and it would make no difference.
  5. Tire with some longevity?

    Michelin Pilot Sport AS4
  6. DLRL On or Off??

    The tri bars are on when the car is powered on though? Like they’re on all the time. Don’t think you can turn them off.
  7. GT500 Spoiler w/ Gurney Flap now available from Ford Performance

    Well damn, a PP1 wing unpainted costs that much from Ford, lol.
  8. Premium gas?

    It's fine to use 87. Lately I've just been commuting with cruise control 60-70mph so I've been putting 87 in. Runs fine. The car manual says 87 too. But 93 for the best performance.
  9. 10 in all around

    I mean, a 255 will fit on a 10, but there will be some stretch to the tire. I don't know why you wouldn't just go like 285/35/19 all around for 19x10" wheels. Why go square setup if you aren't even gonna square the tires? May as well just buy some staggered wheels?
  10. GT MPG

    I get about 15-17 mpg around town. Depends on how many red lights i hit on my commute. Sometimes they're all green, sometimes every one is red lol. This is also with deceleration in gear and minimal brakes. 3.73 gears.
  11. PP1 Wheel Spacers

    I do 1" / 25mm all around . I have 9.5 rear PP1 all around and it still works
  12. Fitment 275/35/19 on 9.5 square?

    Yeah with +35 you don’t need spacers. It just depends on the wheel design and if it clears brakes at that point. Gt350 track pack style wing in carbon. Old owner put it on there so I’m not sure the exact brand of it.
  13. Replacing Sift Knob

    The OE shift knob is super light. I ended up buying a 675g raceseng ashiko and the shift feel has improved a lot. Before it felt like I was shifting through rocks.
  14. 777 performance front end

    The only issue I've had with the bumpers (both 350 and 500 style) is fitment with performance package belly pan. Otherwise it's a solid bumper. It's way more heavier than the stock one, though. also in before this gets moved to cosmetic forum.
  15. Daily driving a mustang

    I mean it depends on the modifications. Aside from lowering my car an inch, all my mods don't affect the reliability and dailyability of the car. I wouldn't go crazy on a car unless it had another car as a daily.
  16. Fitment 275/35/19 on 9.5 square?

    I run 19x9.5 with effective +27.5mm (25mm spacers) squared rear PP1 wheels all around with 275/40/19. Camber is within factory spec, lowered. The fronts rub fender liner on bumps that cause the suspension to compress enough.
  17. Jus a really stupid question but I think I may have stumbled upon a very rare s550 with very low miles. I believe it’s the 2016 pp2? Can anyone share

    The wing is probably the anderson composites one. The front end is a stock front with RTR grille with no LEDs and ebay "shelby style" badge. Either way OP is either an old boomer or a young kid. They're the only ones who don't know how to use forums properly, lol. The screen shots of the...
  18. What if your Mustang was totaled today?

    I've always wanted a WRX STI but I won't get a 4 door vehicle unless I really need it. So another Mustang it is. Probably a 2019+ Manual for the auto rev matching in a loud color. (Orange Fury preferably)
  19. Steering wheel

    Damn that looks nice. I've been washing my hands a lot more anyway due to the pandemic i may have to pull the trigger.
  20. Cervini Chin Spoiler with PP Belly Pan (15-17)

    Thanks. That's what I feared. Were there gaps that the air could get through? I had a similar issue with the gt500 style bumper i used to have and air would get in and eventually drag down the pan and it ended up flapping up and down at high speeds. I thought my engine was knocking lol.