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  1. Turbo guard vortech/paxton

    I emailed turbo guard. They said the prefilter has been discounted for material availability issues.
  2. Ebay Headers

    get a tune or add cats. or add a mil eliminator if those are even a thing any more lol. you'll need a tune to maximize your hp gain.
  3. FS: hp tuners mpvi2(price dropped)

    is this still available?
  4. Ebay Headers

    no welding is required but you will need 3"-2.25" if you're using the stock resonator. Unless the 2018 uses a different size mid-pipe. If it was maybe 2 inches longer it would be perfect but it will mate up.
  5. Ebay Headers

    Yes. Driver's side didn't remove any studs. Passenger side-removed the bottom studs and reinstalled after the headers were mounted.
  6. Ebay Headers

    I finally installed the on my friend's mustang and they fit perfectly! No issues at all.
  7. Ebay Headers

    They do have the spike just like the kooks headers i had beside them. They are full 3" and we're waiting on the 3-2.5" conversion connectors to come in the mail from amazon to install them.
  8. Ebay Headers

    I have a set of the 2m Fab headers. I'm going to install them on my friend's 2015 5.0. the welds look pretty good and it all sides together very well. I'll update after install. It's 1 7/8 to fill 3" so it'll need a transition piece to go to stock mid pipe or a full 3" cat back.
  9. Upgraded from 2015 Mustang GT PP1 to 2018 Shelby GT350

    yep. i upgraded from a 15 gt to my gt350. it's in a different league.
  10. Edelbrock 2018-2019 Mustang Modular Inlet 2650 TVS Supercharger – Stage 1 - 15832 & 158320

    ive seen strut tower braces fit over the whipple kit. so anything is possible.
  11. Edelbrock 2018-2019 Mustang Modular Inlet 2650 TVS Supercharger – Stage 1 - 15832 & 158320

    what price range is the 103mm Throttle Body going to be in?
  12. '18 GT Intake on a GT350?

    do they have a dyno chart showing the gains from theses heads?
  13. Center console, E-brake handle and cable, shift boot

    i'll take the shift boot if you shill have it and you are willing to separate.
  14. Brake caliper Paint

    that Shelby decal looks sick!
  15. Brake caliper Paint

    i painted mine with G2 paint. Still waiting on my decals so i'll post pics after i receive and install them.
  16. FIRST LOOK! Edelbrock Modular Inlet 2650 TVS Supercharger

    so have you guys done any testing on gt350s yet?