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  1. HP Tuners OBD2 Interface

    I highly recommend the mpvi2 if you are getting into self tuning, especially if you plan on tuning multiple vehicles. I love mine and have used it to tune my sons Tundra and wife’s Infiniti, but I’m not about to trust myself enough to tune my Mustang with it, I’ll leave the stang tuning to the...
  2. HP Tuners OBD2 Interface

    Yes, Lund and Unleashed both offer tuning with HP Tuners. I’m sure others do as well.
  3. Boomba Aux Fuel Rail

    Those injectors should work just fine. I use a Split Second AIC1 controller and R4 software for my aux fuel control. The software is a little dated but it does the trick.
  4. Anyone Running E85?

    There is a used aux fuel kit listed in the classified section at a hell of a good price. It has everything you need to convert to E85 minus the tune of course. I'd be all over it if I didn't already have one.
  5. Stock 17 ecoboost mustang with AWE touring exhaust question.

    The vibrant resonator will definitely cut down on the drone and crackles and also makes the exhaust tone a bit deeper. I say jump on it. If you find that it is still too raspy or has too much drone, you can always swap out the small bottle resonator for a larger vibrant ultra quiet resonator...
  6. Enable line lock for 2015-17 Mustang EBs and V6s with ease

    No idea. Surely it's possible, but I honestly haven't looked into it. I just use the 2 step on my programmer.
  7. Enable line lock for 2015-17 Mustang EBs and V6s with ease

    Thanks for posting this, Bull! I tried it this evening on my 16 MT base with the files you provided and it worked flawlessly!
  8. California Custom GT Emblem delete grill

    Any fitment issues due to the broken tabs?
  9. Another Recent Blown Ecoboost Engine

    Fwiw, I talked to a friend of mine who is a tech at a large dealership in Tulsa. He told me the decision isn't up to the dealership, but rather it is up to Ford. He said they'll turn it in to Ford and its up to Ford if they want additional info. Sometimes they'll ask for ECU data and...
  10. Another Recent Blown Ecoboost Engine

    I think you are confusing the pedalmax with the boostmax.
  11. Pennsylvania FS: Aux Fuel Port Injection Kit

    Funds sent. Thanks!
  12. Pennsylvania FS: Aux Fuel Port Injection Kit

    I'm interested. Does this kit include all necessary mounting hardware? If so, I'll most likely take it. Can you send me a shipping quote to 74447?
  13. Dyno Tunes in Tulsa area?

    Does anyone know of any reputable shops in the Tulsa or OKC area that perform dyno tunes?