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  1. 2015 GT PP suspension parts

    One last try - come and pick it up and it is free to a good home.
  2. 2015 GT PP suspension parts

    Any offers will be considered if you are willing to come pick it all up - I'd like this stuff gone of of the garage... Location is Visalia CA (not Daytona) Thanks!!
  3. 2015 GT PP suspension parts

    2015 GT PP suspension parts - approx 20k miles when removed. Includes all items shown here: Springs, Shocks, bars, box of OEM fasteners (some new in package - some removed from the car) if it is in the photo, it is included - as is. Toe links are brand new. Asking $250 - prefer local pickup...
  4. Ford Performance Track Handling Pack

    Front was about 1.0 before, and 1.5 after. Rear was about 1.5 before and 1.9 after. I changed the parts and took it in for alignment and everything was close enough that it wasn't even worth messing with. The alignment guy didnt charge me and sent me on my way. No camber plates installed...
  5. Ford Performance Track Handling Pack

    I have the full track package, and another difference you would get is approx 1" lower ride height, and the additional camber that will automatically come with it. I'm happy with mine.
  6. ? for those who installed the Steeda rear shock mounts

    Mine felt tight when trying to move them by hand, but the actual suspension forces are so much higher that I didn't worry about it. I figured they might loosen up a little with some use anyway. They've been on the car for a couple of months now with no issues.
  7. FInding the next tenth - AutoX

    I can say that option D on your list helped mine quite a bit.
  8. How do the GTPP shocks/struts compare with the Ford performance S/S?

    Count me as one of those that thinks the FRPP dampers improved the ride over the stock PP package. I'm very happy with the FRPP track package and I think the shocks have a lot to do with it.
  9. Is Air Suspension Worth It?

    Are you looking for performance, or just the ability to raise and lower the ride height with the push of a button? From what I have seen, driver adjustable ride height is the only advantage. I have never seen an air ride system in a serious competition application. If you are looking for...
  10. adjust ride height suspension

    Do they have adjustable valving on these kits? Most likely they could be considered an intermediate application, as opposed to a full race shock that would like have an adjustment range that goes much harder.
  11. sway bar settings help

    Your mention of "push" is the opposite of "loosen the front / tighten the rear" Push, usually means understeer, in which case you want the rear to rotate more, or the front to bite more. If it is pushing, I would either stiffen the rear bar, or soften the front bar. For Autocross, I think I...
  12. A bit disappointed with my 17 GT PP

    Which one? Link? Thanks!
  13. adjust ride height suspension

    Although changing ride weight will change static camber, it isn't really the best way to do it unless you ALSO want to raise ride height anyway. For camber adjustment you want to look at Camber plates. But if you change camber you will probably need to reset the toe in, so It isn't something...
  14. Steeda 2 point or 4 point brace ?

    I went with the 4-point and it was a piece of cake to install, but I was doing it with the car on a lift. I don't think it would be any trouble at all without the lift though. The 4 has to be stiffer, so I'd recommend that.
  15. Ideas on amp rack install

    Adel clamps around the roll bar tubes, then bolt to those. Should be sturdy enough and the rubber inserts in the clamps should keep it from slipping if they are the right size. Cheap and easy and it will work.
  16. BMR's New SUPER LOW PROFILE Chassis Jacking Rails: CJR002 - Coming Soon!

    Do these add any noticeable stiffness to the chassis, or are they strictly for jacking purposes?
  17. Spherical bearing replacement - additional NVH?

    I changed both of those bearings at the same time - along with springs, shocks, and bars and I didn't notice any increase in NVH at all. I think it is actually better than stock. Your mileage may vary.
  18. On Oahu for vacation

    I was the same way and I moved there when a job opportunity popped up. I was there for 9 months and ended up moving back for other reasons, but it is definitely a different situation living there every day than it is when you are on vacation. I still like it, and wouldn't mind moving back...
  19. Ford Performance track shocks (M-18000-F) with Steeda min drops?

    I have the ford Track springs with the same shocks - although slightly stiffer than the stock setup, I think the ride is actually better than stock and I would attribute this to the shocks. They seem smoother on absorbing impacts is really the best way I can describe it.