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  1. WTB stock headers

    Looking for some stock headers in central California or within two hour drive not trying to go to LA
  2. Still available white GT350R with OTT stripes at MSRP

    Contact me via call or text 2092014987 located in Northern california my name is Manuel
  3. SOLD! 2015 GT Premium Magnetic Auto Loaded 20k Mi

    this still available?
  4. Gt350R at Msrp Northern California!

    We will be getting a leadfoot one soon!
  5. Gt350R at Msrp Northern California!

    Contact me for more infor my name is Manuel 2092014987 is my cell
  6. Msrp R Northern Ca

    we also have a raptor at sticker as well contact me at 2092014987 if your interested in the R or the raptor
  7. anybody have stock headers for sale?

    Looking to buy stock headers contact me if you have any
  8. For Sale: 2016 Shelby GT350 Magnetic - SoCal

    Is this still available?

    Is this car still available?
  10. in need of OEM headers

    Is the set in Manteca still available?
  11. JPC single kit

    Jpc kit still for sale $5900 takes it full kit
  12. I’m selling a jpc single turbo kit 2015-2017 kit if anyone is interested

    Located in central california comes with everything needed except injectors contact my cell phone 2092014987 asking $5900
  13. Possibly selling some parts if anyone is interested

    JPC Racing 2015-2017 single turbo kit $7000 Fore dual pump fuel system with fore rails has 500 miles $1600 MRR GF7 wheels with nitto tires all around $1600 Boost leash $350 Co2 bottle and fitting and regulator $350
  14. JPC single kit

    Throwing the idea around of selling my JPC racing turbo kit off my car didn't finish installing it and some stuff came up that i have to pay for if anyone is interested its an s550 kit comes with a precision 75/76 with a race shell it is a complete kit also have a boost leash, fore double pump...
  15. Looking for Supercharged GT that will pass California emissions

    That’s a supercharged gt that will pass California emissions right?!