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  1. How many 1000+ RWHP Whipple cars do we have ?

    RoadCone was 1300whp with Gen 5 3.0 Whipple. I ended up going an [email protected] weighing 3900lbs with a lousy 1.39 60ft.
  2. 1/4 Mile Fast List 3.0

    I have changed name from Evil 5.0 to RoadCone, same car.
  3. RoadCone Update [email protected]!

    It’s been a bit, but I thought I would update the forum. I got my start here when I first purchased my 2016 Mustang. It was new to me and you guys helped me get my start, for that thank you! In Maryland at the HailMary Derby we clicked off an [email protected]! Now we have BES building a 330ci striker...
  4. 1/4 Mile Fast List 2.0

    I just posted on 3.0. Got my start gear on 6G!
  5. 1/4 Mile Fast List 3.0

    RoadCone at HailMary Derby went 8.32 @169! Whipple Suppercharged BES motor.
  6. 1/4 Mile Fast List 2.0

    I didn’t know this was still being updated! Here is my slip from Maryland. Now knows as RoadCone. Whipple 2016 Mustang BES Motor and TH400.
  7. Going for 500whp N/A

    Good information! It’s great to see this post still going, a lot of people have contributed.
  8. 132mm Whipple Throttle Body.

    It sold awhile back. Sorry
  9. #WhippleTheWorld update on RoadCone

    Thank you and there is No Doubt!!
  10. #WhippleTheWorld update on RoadCone

    Thanks guys!! Got my start here with my S550 on this board and came a long way. Yes real word testing and results and that means struggles also!! Trial and error. But it has came around and still has a lot more!!
  11. Going for 500whp N/A

    47 will be fine. But I suggest if you plan on power adder in future, buy once and go 1100-1300. Saves you money in long run.
  12. #WhippleTheWorld update on RoadCone

    Please give this a read!! Amazing pictures. Information on the setup. Thanks guys!!
  13. Going for 500whp N/A

    Upgrade the injectors. Update on mine:
  14. Front Street Media Article on RoadCone!

    Thank you so much! Sounds like a reason to come to Mustang Week!
  15. Front Street Media Article on RoadCone! Killer Pics! Amazing Article!! This board helped get this project underway..... from 525rwhp NA car to what it is now. Thanks 6G!!
  16. Whipple doing some Work!

    What’s most impressive imo is 3925lbs weight. Ac, heated and cooled stock seats and premium package
  17. Whipple doing some Work!

    Wheels up!!
  18. 1/4 Mile Fast List 2.0

    Over a month and lo edit??