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  1. My First Wrench in Multiples

    Curious what this means?
  2. Subwoofer replacement options

    I bought some edge foam, and will dynamat the rear shelf, the problem is you have to remove the seats AND the rear quarter interior trim panels to get the rear shelf off. SO i have not done it yet. Not hard just time consuming.
  3. Cant Stand The E-Brake Caliper, So I Fixed It

    It looks a lot like race red to me
  4. TSB for GT500 / GT350 secondary timing chain tensioner [Service Guide attached]

    I asked this a long time is just screwed in....its impossibly hulk up and unscrew it(i may have used pliers) No idea why it has to be that tight, maybe so it doesn't come unscrewed when taking cap off.
  5. Rear Deck lid Snake

    this is so true!
  6. Carbotech front and rear pads available

    Yeah i got that the 1st couple of times (for 6 months), then followed by a few that said they are same as GT350. Then i kept nagging and got tired of asking and gave up. Lets hope they come through now after the onslaught of calls and emails.
  7. 1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    I have all the braces and pucks and my rear end is rock solid. However my NVH is worse than i like, i was told it was the urethane diff pucks, initially it was unbearable(compared to stock) i am used to it and they were a PITA to install so i have just left them.
  8. Carbotech front and rear pads available

    Thanks Earl....they must like less than 6 conversations with them and no luck for me
  9. Carbotech front and rear pads available

    The rubber backing on the z23 is just another precaution. And likely is not needed but if you have ever had a persistant annoying squeak (I HAVE, not on GT500) you will do anything possible to make sure it doesn't happen. The actual braking compound is the same between z26 and z23
  10. Carbotech front and rear pads available

    I have emailed and chatted with powerstop many times since last summer.....last email correspondence they argued with me that rears were same as gt350.....and then they stopped corresponding.......surely they will make them but who knows
  11. Carbotech front and rear pads available

    Z23-2267 or Z26-2267 depending if you rubber backed or SS shim version... I have some horrible squeaky brembos on my SS sedan and always use the rubber backed version (z23), cause if you have ever heard squeaky brembos you will want to stab yourself in the eye.
  12. Carbotech front and rear pads available

    Does anyone have any 1st hand knowledge of their 1521 street brakes and dust? I am tired of waiting on powerstop. Just curious how their low dusting compares to powerstop. EDIT Well crap i just saw they are $230 for rear set, i may wait for the $60 powerstops that i know have almost ZERO...
  13. Exhaust temps and header coatings?

    I have set of brand new Kooks headers for my GT500, i planned to get them coated. I just recently had an ATV exhaust done and it looks great. I figured for looks and to keep a little heat out of the engine bay it would be worth it. They are telling me that there normal coating is good for...
  14. 2020 GT500 - swapping Base springs for CFTP springs, etc.

    I assume the perches are the same but i really don't know. And you can swap sides to get spring windings the same, but the ears of the springs were also clocked differently. So i didnt feel like figuring that out, plus i put gt350 springs on the front of the gt500 and they were way to low for...
  15. 2020 GT500 - swapping Base springs for CFTP springs, etc.

    May not work depends on how the springs are wound. The GT500 springs are wound opposite of GT350 springs, so i am not sure about PP1 cars.
  16. No-Stripe GT500s - Post Your Pics

    No stripes for me.
  17. Larger Diameter Front Tire Question

    I am running bigger tires...and wider ....after some fender liner massaging and cutting it is working with NO rubbing....but it's definitely not a bolt on and go setup
  18. Subwoofer replacement options

    I feel like THIS is exactly what happened to mine, and i installed everything myself, so i know all i did was add subwoofer. It may just be perception and bass least that's my theory.
  19. Picture Request - Rear Fender Stone Guards ?

    I believe the rear bumper cover is the same on the GT500, they just have different lower diffuser. The 'mud flap' has a recess that matches the outline of the diffuser (shown in blue), so I would assume that is different than on the GT or any other variation, i think the GT500 goes down...
  20. This car over delivers, in every way imaginable - *8 sec 1/4 mile

    Well Done! My goal is 9 second run.....don't care if it is 9.99....just want a 9.xx...still haven't pulled the trigger on ordering all the goodies....