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  1. DI Water Systems

    Oh I hear what you’re saying. A TDS of 17 doesn’t imply any “purity”, it only implies the current across the ions measures out at a net of 17. That has no relation to purity, only the net current measured across the sample. A low TDS from a meter doesn’t account for toxic silicates, which can...
  2. TSB for Secondary Cam Chain Tensioner

    S So, PA46 may get worn if the tensioner is not engaged, but the shaving from it should not affect the engine... Correct?
  3. DI Water Systems

    Understood but a TDS meter directly measures water conductivity and calculates hardness from that reading. you can’t measure water hardness via TDS meters at all, no matter how “calibrated” it appears to be.
  4. DI Water Systems

    What device are you using to test your water? If you’re trying to measure the hardness of your water with a TDS meter you’re likely wasting your time. It’s not a direct measure of what’s in your water.
  5. TSB for Secondary Cam Chain Tensioner

    Anyone know the material the guide is made of?
  6. TSB for Secondary Cam Chain Tensioner

    Did your car ever have trouble starting or rough idle?
  7. C8 Z06 spied at Milford Proving Grounds, a new flat plane crank has joined the chat

    Night and day difference btw a C7 ZR1 and a C8 Z06. Again, I doubt the C8 Z06 Will top a Ford GT.
  8. Raptor R

    MSRP of the ADM? Lol You know these vehicles will be volume limited and dealers will be there to profit on that.
  9. Raptor R

    So... who’s looking to hopefully get a PrediRaptor?
  10. First Track Experience in the 350R - what a car

    The new Conti’s coming out should be in 315 series for 19” fitments. Not sure of pride yet but they look initially like a good alternate.
  11. C8 Z06 spied at Milford Proving Grounds, a new flat plane crank has joined the chat

    I’m in for a new Z06. Damn shame a manual won’t be installed. But, alas, they will take my currency.
  12. Upgrading my router. Which one is best?

    Copy. I use the APK NOVA to watch movies and shows. Works really well. Unfortunately, it still buffers but not as much as prior APKs I’ve used.
  13. Upgrading my router. Which one is best?

    Does Roku have movie APKs like the firestick?
  14. Upgrading my router. Which one is best?

    Man, this stuff blows my mind! Subscribed. Thanks for the awareness and assist from all you guys. Helping Penguin is helping a lot of us! Our Firestick movie app can’t freezes occasionally and I don’t even have a third of the stuff on our network y’all are talking about and we have 300mbps...
  15. What’s the better VooDoo now?

    Smh... not another one.
  16. Prices are on the rise......

    Doesn’t really matter. What one decides to do with their car is their prerogative. Either way, it’s interesting to see the price above MSRP.
  17. Wheel math

    As the .47" is the overall DIAMETER change, that means the RADIUS is changed by 1/4" (.235"). The car would be raised by 1/4" and the fender gap would be reduced by the same. If you went with a shorter tire of the same amount, the car would be lowered and you would gain fender gap.
  18. GT vs GT350, Thoughts?

    Pics or it didn’t happen.