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  1. ZL1 vs GT350 head to head next week!

    Nobody says hey I have a 401a mustang. All vehicles have standard and option codes. The point is GM's are dumb.
  2. 2019 "GT500" Mustang Spied in Full Camo Wearing Large Tires

    I knew it wouldn't be AWD! Remember those rumors!
  3. GT350 v2.0 ready for the track.....mods inside

    It's not a good idea to pull the studs in by the threads. I would recommend pressing them in on a press.
  4. Filter wrench supplement arrived!

    Any car built before the November 2016 shut down will get one, but they should have sent them to 2015/2016 owners first.
  5. Filter wrench supplement arrived!

    Ford performance makes no sense at all. So let's get all these out to the newest owners first!:crazy:
  6. Filter wrench supplement arrived!

    I find it interesting that ford has only been sending this out to 2017 owners so far. What about us 2015 and 2016 owners?
  7. Lead Foot Gray 2018 GT350

    Yeah if it's a battle ship or fighter jet.
  8. Canister Oil filter on 2017 GT350R

    Although I agree with you. The problem with a filter housing drain is that it allows for another potential failure. Most idiots can't even figure out how to torque a spin on oil filter. Remember all the bickering about "why does the manual say not to apply oil to the filter gasket" this was a...
  9. Lead Foot Gray 2018 GT350

    All car companies are offering some non metallic grays. IMO they are ugly. I know I'll upset a few but the AG "to me" looks like gray primer and I myself don't care for it. The LFG is even uglier. Why the hell didnt ford do a Green. I would of been all over a dark green metallic.
  10. Shelby GT350 Mustang Owners File New Class Action Lawsuit Against Ford for Fraud

    So the dealer is the fault why someone bought the car? The dealer didn't make a buyer buy their car. I ordered my 2016 track pack knowing it was a option to have coolers or not. I had no interest of the tech pack. I keep reading people say how ford was wrong. Ford didn't make anyone choose...
  11. Shelby GT350 Mustang Owners File New Class Action Lawsuit Against Ford for Fraud

    Explain this to me. The track pack option cost $6500.00 for that you get... A tremec 3160 trans with a pump. Basically the same trans as a tech / base. A trans cooler. A diff cooler and pump. Recaros. And a track spoiler. The $7500.00 tech you get.. The same 3160 trans minus the pump...
  12. Best Mod Thread

    All my mods are my favorite. My least favorite part purchases are the ones I returned or sold because I wasn't happy with the quality. Some of my favorite are: Vorshlag camber plates. Cortex front and rear control arm bearings, front and rear sway bar links. Eibach sway bars front and...
  13. Shelby GT350 Mustang Owners File New Class Action Lawsuit Against Ford for Fraud

    This thread topic is getting so out of hand and old it's ridiculous. Seriously tech and base owners have been complaining about this for over 2.5 years. Face it. Ford is not going to help you. The options were made public before the cars even went into production. You can say ford is at fault...
  14. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I thought the exact same thing when I seen that shelf.
  15. Shelby GT350 Mustang Owners File New Class Action Lawsuit Against Ford for Fraud

    Wrong. It was published before the order banks even opened. I have a October 2015 GT350 track pack. I ordered mine in June 2015. All the info was available at that time.
  16. Tow Hooks - ZL1 Version

    I have just received my front and rear ZL1 titanium tow hooks. I'm not happy with the mounts themselves. The quality and workmanship are poor to say the least. The tow hook rings are nice though. On the front mount I do not trust 2 tiny bolts and nuts supporting the weight of the car when...
  17. Canister Oil filter on 2017 GT350R

    I went to the dealer yesterday to pick up a few other parts. My parts guy looked this up for me and said it's on back order but comes as a kit. I had him order me one.
  18. Canister Oil filter on 2017 GT350R

    Where's the cake???
  19. Canister Oil filter on 2017 GT350R

    I don't know why you are all freaking out about the new cartridge style filter. They DID NOT make a new engine block. The original design can be upgraded to the new cartridge design. It's just a bolt on filter housing. Not a new block casting.