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  1. Camaro SS, ZL1 not salable in California and Washington. Are GT, Mach I, and GT500 impacted?

    Some version of road rash? Used to play my brother on PC via modem connection before the days of internet gaming.
  2. Tramline much?

    According to the paperwork I got, which is supposedly generated by VIN, -.20 to +.20 is the spec for TOTAL toe. Each side is -.10 to +.10. I can tell you now from experience, with toe that far out of spec, tramlining will be severely exaggerated. At 0.0 and -0.1, only extreme road...
  3. Tramline much?

    Get your alignment checked. I thought tramlining was just a fact of life with this car based on internet wisdom, but found out my factory alignment was crap. Front right toe was -0.23!!! Got toe set to 0.0 L and +0.01 R and now the car drives like a dream.
  4. Why Automatics Are Better Than Manuals

    As far as I could find, the fastest quarter mile time set by an EV (motorcycle) to date is 6.9 seconds, which while impressive, is nearly double the time it takes the fastest top fuel dragster. For further reference, the fastest EV dragster just passed 200mph in the quarter (7.2 seconds) while...
  5. Halloween

    No, but your costume choice is a little disturbing. :crackup: JK. Happy Halloween!
  6. 2021 kills off the PP2 Pack as well now.

    No different than '65 mustangs. Untouched mint original cars are unobtainium, and it trickles down from there.
  7. 2021 kills off the PP2 Pack as well now.

    Maybe you aren't familiar with what makes collectable cars valuable. The GT package and hi-po engine were just options on a checklist in 1965, yet those options can double or triple the value of a 1965 mustang today. Is a factory K code GT worth as much as a 'special edition' factory GT350? No...
  8. 2021 kills off the PP2 Pack as well now.

    Completely agree that worrying about future value is silly. My investment money is in a 401k. That said, and I can only assume you are talking about the collector market given the context, historically collectors place a premium on factory optioned cars. If the s550 ever did become collectable...
  9. Driving SC2s in sun-45*F weather...

    Did I miss something? Was there a sketch moment in there? Sorry, not interested in watching 21 minutes of on ramps and off ramps. This video told me nothing about sc2s at 45*???
  10. Mustang puzzle...

    I think you mean they omitted the third (69-70) gen 1 restyle, and have incorrectly listed the years for the 4 first gen body styles.

    Misunderstood your question. No model comes with stitching on the face of the center stack. Huge miss by Ford IMO given the upcharge for the 'premium'. But don't feel bad, GT350s don't get stitching on the dash, center console, or knee pads! FWIW, on eBay there is are reasonably priced gray...

    I think you only get that with the 401a package.
  13. So, has everyone made peace with the 2K rattle?

    They sound great... For about 15 seconds after adjusting them :cwl:
  14. New oil specification for GDI engines

    Interesting that Ford announced the SN Plus recommendation for the ecoboost engines, but nothing about this new GF6. Regardless, that's what I'll be looking for on the next oil change for the F150. Thanks @Cobra Jet !
  15. Mach 1 pics from track tour

    Dodge!?! Pfft! I'm sure you mean Ford's own Lead Foot Gray!:crackup:
  16. Die hard Manual guys get in here!

    Which it's pretty much exactly what I do, although I usually hit every gear except first when coming to a stop. It was required when I took my driving test, and reinforced in motorcycle training (as a defensive technique). I'm in no way advocating sparing the brakes, simply making an...
  17. Die hard Manual guys get in here!

    Lol. It wasn't a planned outcome, just a byproduct of using the transmission as intended. BTW, I'm talking about average DD cars here, not the PP2, although I expect the PP2 will deliver equivalent results. And yes, the PP pads are far superior with regard to stopping force and fade resistance...
  18. Die hard Manual guys get in here!

    Hundreds of thousands of downshifting miles on bikes and cars here with nary a worn gear, dog, fork, or clutch in the bunch. Have seen 80k miles on brake pads, and 100k+ miles on a clutch. Come to a stop in neutral if you must, but all you're doing is wearing out your brakes faster than you need to.