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  1. 17 gen 5 whipple belt install help!!!

    If you have the belt on all the pulleys even just a little you can start the car and then push the belt in the direction it needs to go. Just don’t use anything that will hurt the belt
  2. Transmission shift pressure/firmness with 750+ rwhp

    You can tune how long the pcm/Tcm takes to complete a shift. They shift in milliseconds
  3. Whipple install easier than Procharger?

    I have a few lifts and I have done 20-30. Do not need anyone else. We are talking about just the procharger kit nothing else. No opg/cs just the kit. And why do you need a lift?
  4. Caliper painting v. powder coating

    You can get 2000* powder coat
  5. Put a Jack Roush Edition Interior into my Base GT

    Are you talking about all the interior or just seats?
  6. Texas Paxton/Vortech BOV and Intake

    If you still have the intake I’ll take it.
  7. Fuel system set up

    Ideally it should be like this but many other ways work fine. Ignore the sizes
  8. Want a little more HP without breaking the bank.

    The best bang for buck is always nitrous
  9. Roush and 2021 Auto Tune via EPA? Any news yet on passage..

    They have to pay for a E.O Number every year even if nothing changes. I’m sure money was at least part of the problem
  10. I keep running through 02 sensors!! Why??

    I had a truck that the dealer said needed a computer. took it back to the shop spent a couple hours and found an O2 sensor wire bad. where the wire went through the frame the grommet had wore out and wore through the wires. couldn’t even tell that there was a problem there and the dealer was...
  11. Vortech on lowered motors

    Yes. I’ll try to get you a picture
  12. Any issues with Heads lifting after Roush s.c. installation?

    Still don’t think it will lift the heads before it tears up a piston.
  13. ROUSH s.c. and Boost gauge? Mount points

    you can use a ngauge or the vent or pillar
  14. 2015 Mustang GT Water leaking in CAI

    You are supposed to have a plate that bolts on the underside of the hood to direct water away from vital parts. the plate still allows air to flow but stops water
  15. 2017 stock Mustang GT Struggling to warm start after clutch repair.

    Switch on the clutch pedal Starter going bad Loose cable Wiring issue Bad ground I would redo the crankshaft relearn on my own. Then start data logging/scoping all of these
  16. Supercharged Cars - what street tires do you run?

    No one can prove me wrong because I have first hand experience. You use insults instead of having a adult debate but I’m the baby. Do you even see how Hippocratic that is? If someone uses skinny tires there’s less chance of hydroplaning. I live in a area that rains heavily for weeks at a time...
  17. Vortech on lowered motors

    This is what is in my car right now
  18. Adding lights

    I’m in Northern California and have hit dear before in my other cars and would like to try avoiding this again. Can anyone tell me if adding lights to the front is legal or not. I Was thinking about a lightbar behind the grill?
  19. I keep running through 02 sensors!! Why??

    First yes a bad battery can cause o2’s to fail. I don’t know why someone would say no but it can. The chances of it causing the same o2 to fail over and over are probably 1,000,000,000 to 1. I would change all o2’s at once check for short or melted wires from the o2 all the way to the pcm.
  20. Code P2005 after Paxton install

    I would lock them out and not have to worry about it anymore. I locked them out as soon as I installed my 2018 manifold. Actually I epoxied each one of them open before I ported the manifold.