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  1. California 2015-2016 Mustang GT OEM exhaust

    I am selling my OEM exhaust for my 2016 GT. The exhaust itself was only on the car for maybe 5k before I switched to aftermarket. The car was always garaged and the exhaust is in excellent shape with zero rust. Exhaust has always been stored indoors ever since it’s removal. Located in...
  2. FYI Battery replacement

    I bought my 2016 GT brand new in Sept of 2015. Here we are Sept 2019 and I am on my second motorcraft battery. The first one was replaced when it was under factory warranty. The battery I have now has a sticker that says “09/17” on it which is the manufacturing date. A few months ago I...
  3. GT 15-17 GT Mustang factory exhaust (excellent)

    Yes still available
  4. GT 15-17 GT Mustang factory exhaust (excellent)

    I have a full factory exhaust from pipe all the way up to the cat, for sale from my 2016 Ford Mustang GT. The exhaust was on my Mustang for about a year or less until I replaced it with a full cat-back kit. It is in absolutely excellent condition and hardly had any miles driven on it at the time...
  5. California 15-17 Mustang steel cowl extension

    Selling the steel cowl extension that came with my order when I bought this S550 Ford Performance strut tower brace. Since I have a V8, my vehicle is already equipped and I don’t need it. It is still brand new, unopened in the wrapping and box. This will allow you to use any strut tower bar you...
  6. Ford oil catch cans

    Has anyone had a problem yet smogging in CA with this Ford Performance oil catch can installed?
  7. Strut tower bar

    I assume this one: Is the same as this one, (only the top one weighs slightly less and aluminum instead of steel)...
  8. Strut tower bar

    Can you guys vouch for being able to remove the engine cover with the FP strut tower bar as long as the k-brace is installed? Also, here is the CJPP link for the strut tower bar that states aluminum. Just wondering if it is a waste of the extra $100 essentially for the black brace vs the gray...
  9. Strut tower bar

    I thought the black one was steel and the silver one was aluminum. I guess do they both perform and handle the same? Like I said I guess I like the black look as it matches a lot of what is already under the hood, but the other one is about $100 more.
  10. Strut tower bar

    That is great info! The syringe with the tube is a good idea. I use a syringe by itself once I unscrew the top of the FP oil separator, I guess I just like to see how much oil I have inside. It definitely will be good that I can remove the engine cover with the strut bar on.
  11. Strut tower bar

    Wondering what strut tower bar you all are using and also, if the engine cover on the 5.0 can be removed with the strut tower bar in place. I have a Ford Performance oil separator that I have to remove the engine cover to empty. So I was wondering if it would even be worth the trouble of...
  12. Best interior LED light kit for 15-17?

    I am wanting to replace my interior lights (vanity, map, glovebox, and trunk) to an LED. I was wondering if anyone has input on which is better, the Diode Dynamics stage 1 kit from CJPP or the Vividline stage 2 kit from AmericanMuscle? I am looking for feedback on which kit is better...
  13. Officially Ford Licensed Emblem Blackout Packages from MAK Performance

    Can anyone attest to the emblems from MakPerformance vs the CJPonyParts emblems? CJPP is more expensive but is that the only difference? Does MakPerformance use clips for the front and rear emblems or just double sided tape?
  14. California legal air intake

    The only aftermarket CAI with CARB numbers is the AEM system with the dry filter that utilizes the original air box. Anyone have experience with this system? Are there any others that are CARB legal? Here is the link.
  15. California New 2019 Law!!!

    The real question is, can you still smog a vehicle with any sort of modified exhaust in CA?
  16. 15-17 Front Turn Signal Swap?

    Well, how did it go?
  17. Ford Pass App?

    Can anyone confirm if Ford Pass works with a ‘16 GT premium? Also what is the fee to use Ford Pass?
  18. 15-17 Front Turn Signal Swap?

    Thanks man that’s nice of you. I’ll let you know when I get some free time. I’m located in Roseville. That horn honk is annoying as F too lol.
  19. 15-17 Front Turn Signal Swap?

    I’m new to this forum and have been trying to get up to speed with mods, etc. I am sad to say I have no idea what Forscan is. But I am kind of getting the idea that the Opt-7s definitely need improving out of the box as is.