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  1. North Carolina Forgeline VX1R 19x11/ 19x11.5 custom finish

    I can’t imagine being more than 250
  2. North Carolina Forgeline VX1R 19x11/ 19x11.5 custom finish

    Forgeline VX1R 19x11/ 19x11.5 custom finish Satin black with ruby red inner barrel was used on my GT350, mint condition. $3000.00 plus shipping
  3. Shortblock advice

    We're getting ready to do another motor build after just doing a sleeved motor for our customers GT350. This time, our customers 2018 Whippled GT fried his rings but mainly it was due to shotty work from another place. We're pulling the motor, reusing the crank, Manley rods and pistons with...
  4. Roush cat-backs?

    Yessir that’s correct
  5. Black Friday is here!

    Some Killer BF sales starting soon! UPR we can actually start this Sunday as well! Dont forget we'll have sales on: 10% off Sitewide: Code: BF20 Aeromotive: 15% off Roush Performance RoushBF 10% off all roush including superchargers! Airlift performance (airliftBF) Procharger: 10% off...
  6. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    We've done a few Roush installs for dealerships around us. The newer revised kit is better than the older version, still has some heating issues if ran hard but most individuals purchasing this blower off the lot arent looking to break records, they're looking for a fast street car.
  7. *Edited* Ordered Procharger Stage 2 P1X.

    You wont be disappointed in that kit at all. If you're planning on sticking with 93 for now, injectors and pump will be more than adequate for your needs. Feel free to give us a shout, we'd love to earn your business and steer you in the right direction. Jason Cell: 910-336-4850 Shop...
  8. Anyone with an Edelbrock Stage1? Opinions...

    So we along with another shop were the companies that tested the beta 2.65 kits on the 15-17's which helped them develop what they have today. With that being said, I would heavily recommend a Whipple over an Edelbrock. Not because Edelbrock is a bad kit, it will still put a smile on your...
  9. What kind of supercharger should I get?

    I would opt for a Whipple Stage 1 or even a stage 2 and try to install it yourself with a few friends that may have a little experience with it. With that being said, Centri kits are a viable option if you use their "OTS" tuning with a complete kit. All that being said, my recommendation...
  10. complete supercharger kits

    A complete kit has fueling and what I like to call an "off the shelf" tune. It will have a lot more power but timing will be conservative and will be on the safer side of things. Most companies use SCT for their tuning. Whipple uses a Tomahawk similar to FRPP.
  11. Boundary OPG and CS install special at Hypermotive!!

    Take advantage of the holiday specials by jumping on this!! Both S197 and S550 Mustangs $900.00 installed plus fluids for N/A $1000.00 installed plus fluids for F/I These prices include Boundary Oil Pump gears, crank sprocket and install!! Just add for fluids.
  12. Stainless Power S550 install special at Hypermotive!!

    Thats right! We have in stock Stainless Power headers and are going to be offering an awesome install special! Stainless Power Headers W/ Lead pipes - Installed: $1250.00 Make sure to contact Hypermotive and get yourself scheduled!
  13. Save on in stock Roush 15-17 and 18+ Axlebacks!!

    We have some extra axlebacks in stock ready to go with zero wait! Save big today before black friday! We ordered a large batch of Axlebacks and intakes and have just a few left over so now time for you to save!! Make sure you shoot us a message for our awesome savings!!
  14. OEM Oil Pump Gear Question

    Its like insurance. I'd rather spend 1000-1500 on my motor, if supercharged, than spending 7-10k on a new motor and depending on damage, a new supercharger. We've seen a few dozen supercharged guys break their OPG's, some were lucky and were able salvage the motor but most were not so lucky...
  15. tuner kits vs complete kits

    "Complete kits" are what I call "off the shelf" kits. Very mild tuning to minimum fueling thats needed which tends to leave you wanting more and, ultimately, spending more in the long run. We do more Custom kits for customers rather than Complete kits to give the customer the most, safest...
  16. is a tvs a bad daily driver ?

    As a street car, daily or weekend warrior you'll be perfectly fine. We've gone 100k miles in a whipple and a roush 2.3 TVS with zero issues. Other than replacing the belt every 15k miles nothing else needed to be done outside of normal maintenance like plugs. Give us a shout if you have any...