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  1. Who Names Their Cars and What Is It?

    I named mine "car" because well its a car and it does car stuff.
  2. daily driving one piece driveshaft opinion

    You are likely to get a vibration at some random speed and a bit of increased NVH. If you are not planning on making any real power don't waste the money on it.
  3. Well.... looky what i got on ebay part 2

    Gotta love people not in the paint/refinishing game holding paint/refinishing knowledge as proprietary... Yet another reason not to buy Signature wheels
  4. No driving a manual does not make you smarter, more skilled, a better driver or more of a car guy.

    It certainly makes you a better driver, because you can drive more vehicles. Most of the world would look at you like you are an idiot if you can't drive a manual and try to act like you are a good driver.
  5. lug nuts for arp wheel studs

    Hey guys, I am looking for advice with what are some good open ended lug nut options for arp wheel studs, m14 x 1.5. I am planning on running with f14 beadlocks. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  6. Unemployment taxes... how do you not know?

    Yeah if you keep wanting free handouts it certainly will become a 3rd world country. Just remember FREEDOM ISN'T FREE. Either you pay in blood or you pay in $$.
  7. Unemployment taxes... how do you not know?

    No this is a democracy. You get what you personally earn, not what you want.
  8. Anyone have 800+ rwhp with stock cats?

    Hell yeah. Thats going to be a very nice build! Definitely have to show it off when shes all done. Hopefully I will get to see it in person at a cars and coffee or cruise night this summer!
  9. Anyone have 800+ rwhp with stock cats?

    Yeah its certainly not do or die, right this second. There are much bigger priorities for you right now lol. Do you have OPG/CSS? High rpm shifts will snap the oem opgs and turn your car into an oversized paperweight real quick supposedly there are changes in the 18+ that make the opg/css less...
  10. Anyone have 800+ rwhp with stock cats?

    Actually both of our cars cats lasted about the same amount. I just did it in a shorter time frame, but I was also on the stage 2 where he was on the stage 1 kit. Mine lasted about 6k miles of abuse. His lasted about 8k miles of abuse. Inevitably the cats will go bad and its best to deal with...
  11. Anyone have 800+ rwhp with stock cats?

    I live and own a performance shop in Schaumburg IL. the whipple will 100% destroy your cats, it is not an if it is a when. Illinois weather is also not conducive to happy cars, we have hot humid summers which makes cooling anything a nightmare. And don't plan on sitting in traffic on a nice...
  12. Anyone have 800+ rwhp with stock cats?

    My oem cats didn't even last 1 entire summer with a whipple before they had to be removed.
  13. BULLITT Resale Value

    The bullitt will have a worse resale than a nicely optioned mustang gt. And the gt350s if its not an R with 0 miles is not going to be anything special since the voodoo motors in them are known to have a lot of issues. And any potential collector that sees miles on a sports car is going to run...
  14. Illinois-Chicago

    I am a bit more extreme than most, so I drive down the highway pull over in a few different places and usually get out and walk down the median any salt and I check again in a couple weeks.
  15. Illinois-Chicago

    Too much salt on the roads for me. Maybe mid-april I will wake them up.
  16. Tuner Suggestions for SC 2018 GT 10 Speed

    Luis Ortiz. This man is a legend for all things ford that are meant to go fast. He was the tuner for American muscle, he did Stephanie's car and a few of their Sema builds. He is down to earth, approachable, he answers questions and helps with issues beyond just tuning. He owns a fully...
  17. Ford Track Handling Package awful?

    If you are running the track pack springs those have to go. They are worse than the oem ones you took off... Nothing else you do will matter if you have shitty springs.
  18. Ford Track Handling Package awful?

    I run 275/35/19 nitto nt05 on a 19x10 wheel for the fronts and I run 305/45/17 nitto nt555rII on a 17x10 wheel on the rear or a 305/35/19 nitto 555rII on a 19x11 rear wheel Alignment is set to pp2 oem specs for street driving.