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  1. Crankcase Breather Filters

    So Im going to revive this thread again. I found it in a search. I have a 2019 "FBO" GT.... it has a JLT passenger side catch can. Is there a breather filter that I could run? A little ricey I know... but I would like it to be visible in the engine bay with the cover on the motor. Anything...
  2. 2018+ GT throttle body upgrade

    I assume so... I cant see why it wouldnt, but Im going to find out soon lol.
  3. 2018+ GT throttle body upgrade

    I am already Lund tuned, so if I'm looking at this correctly I think all I would need to do is get the TB and adapter and have Lund do a revision which they don't charge much for... seems like half the time they come up with a reason to not charge. I know small stuff wont produce any crazy...
  4. 2018+ GT throttle body upgrade

    Who does them? Ive looked around and didnt see anybody offering that. Not a bad idea, although the bullit TB isnt much more.
  5. 2018+ GT throttle body upgrade

    Hi, first off thanks for having me on the forum. I found it with a google search and came up with a real nice thread on doing a flex fuel sensor to monitor ethanol content in pump "e85". I have the parts for that on the way currently. I have a stick 19 GT that I'm going the bolt on route with...
  6. Photograph of the Month - June2020. Guidelines in post #1

    Rolling shot, done from a chase vehicle at around 70mph or so. Taken with a cheap kit DSLR using shutter priority in order to slow down the shot enough to capture motion. 2019 Mustang GT base car with PP1 take offs added, lowered on Eibach sport lines.
  7. Photograph of the Month - May 2020. Guidelines in post #1

    oh cool, I will just host it on photo bucket lol. Thanks for letting me know
  8. (Install with Pics) Bluetooth Ethanol Sensor

    After talking with the OP... it appears this will work on 2018+ cars as well. I have it on order! Will update when it arrives. Thanks for the help OneFordGT
  9. Photograph of the Month - May 2020. Guidelines in post #1

    IMG_0761e by JCosperStang posted May 29, 2020 at 8:50 PM Taken from a chase car with a cheap kit DSLR on shutter priority to slow down the speed in order to catch movement.
  10. (Install with Pics) Bluetooth Ethanol Sensor

    Can anyone confirm or deny this configuration working on a 2018+ coyote? From the pics, the lines look a little different. I'm not at all experienced with working on fuel lines so I would almost have to get something that is plug and play.