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  1. 10R80 Swap with Overdrive

    Pretty sure it was a built motor.
  2. 10R80 Swap with Overdrive

    A larger capacity cooler is always beneficial, you are limited to how thin you can go on the steels before they start to heat up and warp. Maybe Midnight has changed some things around but I saw first hand pic's of the clutch packs that came out of the 7 sec car after those runs and it wasn't...
  3. 10R80 Swap with Overdrive

    The frictions don't like to grab under around 190 deg from what I've seen if the fluid isn't hot enough you will get a flare on shifts. If trans temp was the issue all the clutch packs would be affected not just one, the E pack carries a lot of load hence the heat build up with the thinner...
  4. 10R80 Swap with Overdrive

    Worked good except for the E clutch pack, with the added frictions the steel plates are too thin to with stand the heat. The rest were mint as per the pic.



  8. GT Circle D 258mm

  9. GT QA1 Carbon Fibre Driveshaft

    This is 100 % for the 10R80 automatic, the part # for the manual trans is JJ-21221 there is no difference between the SFI and non SFI except for the sticker hence the 50.00 upcharge for the SFI unit.
  10. GT QA1 Carbon Fibre Driveshaft

    QA1 carbon fibre driveshaft part # JJ-21216, will fit 2018 + 10R80 less than 200 miles on it 900.00 shipped. * PRICE DROP
  11. GT Circle D 258mm

    Circle D 258 mm converter for 10R80 setup for forced induction less than 200 miles on it 1200.00 shipped. * PRICE DROP

    I have the following parts for sale, all prices are in USD and include shipping. * Reason for sale put the car back to stock and sold it. * PRICE DROP Circle D 258 mm forced induction converter for 10R80 less than 200 miles on it = 1200.00 SOLD QA1 JJ-21216 10R80 driveshaft less than 200...
  13. 2018-2019 10r80 boost by gear with turbo

    No thanks I've heard enough of your shit.
  14. 2018-2019 10r80 boost by gear with turbo

    Just like I said you won't hold over 900 whp with just the GPZ and stock count, you have to add more frictions.
  15. 2018-2019 10r80 boost by gear with turbo

    This time it's not about keyboard warriors it's about personal experience with the 10R80. If your car is a 2017 you have a MT 82 or a 6R80 so I don't expect you to have personal experience with the issues the 10R80 has at higher power levels.
  16. 2018-2019 10r80 boost by gear with turbo

    In my opinion if there is a stage 1,2 or 3 10R80 upgrade these companies should market it and inform people what they are doing. No one is going to hand over the $ without knowing what is being done, the 10R80 has a strong input shaft and the planetary gear sets seem to be holding up. The clutch...
  17. 2018-2019 10r80 boost by gear with turbo

    There have been 2 companies that claim to have Stage 1, 2 or 3 10R80 builds, ever wonder why no one has ever seen one.
  18. 2018-2019 10r80 boost by gear with turbo

    Don't drink the Koolaid.