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  1. What Engine Oil Do You Prefer?

    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w30. Purity of natural gas and their additive pack is a good combination. But more importantly is changing your oil vs. this vs. that. Almost all oil is excellent these days.
  2. Steeda Transmission Bushing, Base Bracket, and BG Synchro Shift II Experience

    Drilling those holes are essential to controlling the noise. The bushing insert stopped all of my high rpm lockout.
  3. Different oils, different consumption rates.

    I’ve noticed less oil in my catch can when I switched to Pennzoil Ultra platinum vs mobil1. My car doesn’t use any oil and by no means is there ever a lot of oil caught but enough that I thought “there’s less oil than normal in this trap”.
  4. Had enough of aftermarket CAI & HIGH IAT's. So here's my fix.

    Read all of the post in this thread and then you would know. But let me help you out. Vellossa tube. It’s SUPER EASY to install. Read the whole post.
  5. TSB 19-2026: Aluminum Panel Corrosion

    Just had my new hood installed. I’ve never had warranty work go as smoothly as that. Pics of my corrosion are above if you’re interested in what it looked like.
  6. Less Common or Obscure Bolt ons

    I second this. Taking the bumper off is really easy as well.
  7. Had enough of aftermarket CAI & HIGH IAT's. So here's my fix.

    None at all, I can see where it is touching and forming to the hood but doesn't seem to be putting a lot of pressure on it.
  8. TSB 19-2026: Aluminum Panel Corrosion

    I took my 16 GT in to the local dealer last week and they took photos of the corrosion and entire car (make sure its not neglected) and submitted it to Ford. 4 hours later they called me back and Ford approved a brand new hood. Supposed to be ready in about two weeks. My car has 15k miles and is...
  9. Had enough of aftermarket CAI & HIGH IAT's. So here's my fix.

    I fixed mine a while back. Works pretty well. Post #32
  10. (Install with Pics) Bluetooth Ethanol Sensor

    It’s an estimate but it is pretty accurate from everything I’ve read. I don’t have an ngauge and didn’t plan on buying one since I had an X4 so that’s why I went the route with the sensor. You will be good with what you have.
  11. Washing with DI water

    The one near my house had the same and it was the best spot free I have used from a car wash, then one day it was high pressure and no longer spot free. It's been that way for about 8 months, sad to see it go. Consider yourself lucky to have a car wash with good spot free!
  12. Washing with DI water

    I used a TDS tester and Walmart distilled water is 0 TDS (total dissolved solids). I can wash in full sun and not have one single spot. It’s amazing to say the least.
  13. Washing with DI water

    We are the last house on the water line and have extremely hard and low pressure public water. I looked into the DI water filters and although they would work great I would be changing resin a lot more often than i'd like. I ended up buying this battery powered pressure washer with a 5.3 gallon...
  14. Why the GT350/GT500 don't have the new Mustang face lift "Moreover, the GT350 and GT500 models have specific cooling and aerodynamics requirements and changing the bumper, headlights, and hood would require additional modifications to meet those requirements. All this would involve...
  15. Why the GT350/GT500 don't have the new Mustang face lift

    I read the 6' somewhere and agree that's too short to see them. I am 5'11" and I can see them if I have my seat all the way up as if I needed a booster seat but that's not realistic.
  16. Why the GT350/GT500 don't have the new Mustang face lift

    I thought it had to do with needing all of the height to fit in components like radiators and ducting. The reason they made the 2018+ headlights look "squinted" and the hood sloped down was so the driver could see the road better in front of them, a common complaint from people who had the...
  17. For owners with cats, how do i keep them away

    They're flexible plastic, I've seen them in person and you could fall face first into them and be ok... Although I don't want to test that. Its the same idea as using aluminum foil on areas you want a cat to stay off of, they hate the feeling/ noise/ texture.
  18. For owners with cats, how do i keep them away

    Perimeter of these?
  19. Continental, ExtremeContact SPORT tire review -with Motec Data (MotoIQ)

    I have stock springs and sway bars. I have the BMR CB010 cradle lock out level one (best suspension mode I’ve done), Steeda IRS Braces, and Steeda vertical links. I ran the Continental’s at 32 and then bumped them up to 36 cold which got up to 40 hot. They felt better at the higher psi but...