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  1. New Member MACH 1 INCOMING

    I bought my first GT in 2015 first deliveries, the excitement was immense and I'm not sure if some of the original guys are still on here.I then bought the face lift in 2018, Which had great upgrades.I missed out on the Bullitt which eventually ended up near 50k. The original V8 IN 2015 was a...
  2. Mach 1 Globally available - Possibly:

    Around $53000 That will be £53000 then
  3. Mach 1 Globally available - Possibly:

    They will act dumb on the mach 1 until next year.I doubt if they would even take an early deposit.Same thing with the Bullitt,deny its coming over,then the big announcement and "sorry our allocations are all gone"
  4. RHD Mach 1 Mustang Debuts at 2020 GoodWood SpeedWeek, On Sale Next Year in Europe

    I believe so,but i wouldn't be too happy with a watered down Mach1 for 50 grand.
  5. 2021 Mach 1

    Have faith,i kept on asking my dealership about the Bullitt,he said they're not coming over at the same time deliveries were happening in the US,so i ordered a facelift GT.I picked it up on a Friday in March 2018 and asked them again,they said it wasn't coming over and had'nt been told...
  6. RHD Mach 1 Mustang Debuts at 2020 GoodWood SpeedWeek, On Sale Next Year in Europe

    I said my facelift 18 was my last mustang i missed out on the Bullitt but i really want this Mach1.I hope it comes to the UK
  7. EU Mach 1 Speculation

    A 72 red Mach 1 was the first mustang i ever saw back in the late 70's and that got me hooked on American muscle even though i couldn't afford anything near one.If the Mach 1 comes to the UK even in its basic form i would be up for getting one.
  8. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Hi there I was searching for a coyote badge but i didnt like what was on offer as most were plastic so i contacted an industrial badge/label company and had one made up as a sample/ trial.This was done in stainless and black enamel with 3M impregnated adhesive and not stuck on with tape.It did...
  9. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Changed my decklid badge. Came out quite well i think
  10. Noisy rear discs

    Those rear hub/axle nuts can work loose causing play. They are only lock tighted on
  11. Are there any issues with 2018 GT cars

    Missing grommets,structure not spot welded properly and believe it or not instead of a grommet sticky tape used. Hit and miss really but build quality has always been an issue.
  12. Are there any issues with 2018 GT cars

    Check on rear carpets and condensation on windscreen is a tell tale sign. Not sure where it comes from.It hasn't happened to me but a few on here had it.
  13. Are there any issues with 2018 GT cars

    Some engines failed,some have the tick and some have a rattle.I had a tick after first oil comes on when cold and goes away when hot.Now i dont hear it.Some have had new engines only for the tick to return.The shift forks have broken on a few,but they were ramming it in at high...
  14. Classic mustang

    Restro up in Yorkshire has some nice cars.
  15. Classic mustang

    Thanks Thats the sensible logic. I would love to have both but to spend 30 grand on a classic is unrealistic.Selling my 18 plate to fund it would be crazy no matter how awesome those cars are. The joy of starting up a mach 1 would soon turn to frustration the moment it broke down on a long...
  16. Classic mustang

    Has anyone sold their s550 for a classic mustang or even have both.Ive seen a few stunning cars lately and i appreciate they come with their own problems. My dream would be a 69 sportsroof but i also like the 71/72 mach 1.
  17. New Engine required :(

    I would have thought the engine would have been newer than that. Mine is Dec 17 date and had the tick.
  18. Mustang Photo Thread

  19. New World Record for Largest Mustang Meeting

    Come on guys,this was never about beating the yanks,it was about paying homage to the Mustang.We had a minutes silence for Lee Iococca and a fly past of a 1944 p51 mustang. I'm sure when organized you'll beat it easily.
  20. New World Record for Largest Mustang Meeting

    I was there too,it was a brilliant day. Yes the record was a continuous moving parade of mustangs on the track.