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  1. Mustang GT Winter Wheels with Yokohama WDrive V905 Tyres - REDUCED PRICE

    Have you painted them or have they been powder coated
  2. New(ish) Member: Hello and some advice needed

    Hi I have magnaride and fitted ford GT350r lowering springs with spacers 25mm front 20mm rear need to trim rear studs down about 3mm
  3. Exhaust options for an Auto

    I fitted Roush axles backs to my 2017 Auto and sounded great no drone , I then added a h pipe and the drone was awful so I removed it and just kept the Roush nice and burbling on Tickover but quite aggressive when you floor it
  4. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Simple to fit in around 20mins just plug and play , 3 nuts either side then just plug harness in , 2year warranty on them , a lot of us have these made by Vland
  5. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Ok Yes the replacements are around £400 but you could sell your old ones for around £400 so in theory no cost
  6. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Hi just wondered why you bought the wiring harness and didn’t replace the full units
  7. Builder hit the car

    Or to paint some 5.0 badges 😂😂
  8. Show me your 2015+ V8 GT Wheels for ideas...

    Performance pack wheels and shadow wheels

    The tyres you have on are the wrong size should be 255/40r19 front and 275/40r19 rear for a GT or 255/40r19 all around on a ecoboost
  10. Wanted valved catback or axleback exhaust for 2018+ Mustang GT

    There’s a stock one on eBay with valves
  11. First Dyno

    Here’s mine stock no tune just axle backs 2017 Auto on a hub Dyno
  12. 19” Wheels and tyres £350

    He may be able to ship them at full price about £10 a wheel
  13. Steering wheel options

  14. Steering wheel options

    Had a wheel retrimmed by “royalsteeringwheels” for my 2017 also fitted a GT350R to my 2015

    This is a unused H pipe to fit a V8 2015 onwards there is no clamps £110 posted or collection is available
  16. Roush Axle Backs db readings?

    Just done mine on normal cold start 101db settles to 84db in normal mode then down to 75.2 in quiet mode standard exhaust plus h pipe but check my video