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  1. Mustang GT vs Camaro SS 1LE

    I've had a bunch of people ask me about some of the differences between the 6th Gen Camaro and the S550 since buying my 1LE the other day, and owning both cars. Below is a comparison video I made comparing the 'daily driving' characteristics of both the Mustang GT and the 6th Gen Camaro...
  2. STEEDA Differential Bushing Insert System NEW!!

    SOLD. Still have steeda IRS braces available
  3. STEEDA Differential Bushing Insert System NEW!!

    Sold car. Never installed these
  4. STEEDA Differential Bushing Insert System NEW!!

    Never opened or Installed Steeda Adjustable Differential Bushing Insert System- Urethane with all hardware. $60 shipped to lower 48.
  5. Vortech Max Flow Race BOV NEW!! $200 shipped

    Never installed vortech maxflow race BOV. $200 shipped to lower 48!
  6. 2-Step? Which one to get? Is it worth it?

    Been thinking about adding a 2 step to my car, but I'm not sure if its really worth it. Working on a few other things to upgrade such as more suspension and half shafts. What are your guys thoughts? Also here's a video of a friend's SC S197 launching off a 2 step. [ame]
  7. Half Shafts are filled with foam??

    I've been back for a few months. I've just been breaking shit. Nothing upgraded on the S550 for a while since i was converting that Foxbody, which is done and ran a 12.79 at 109 the day before I broke this one, on street tires, 4 cylinder suspension, carbureted engine and a junkyard 3.08 rear...
  8. Half Shafts are filled with foam??

    You win the thread Hahahaha :lol: :hail:
  9. Half Shafts are filled with foam??

    I was just putting it off. The guy who gave me a tow had the stock set from his car so I just threw one on to get the car back on the road for next to nothing and an hour of my time. I'm upgrading them along with more of the suspension now. Ordering the parts this week
  10. Half Shafts are filled with foam??

    I expected it to be solid since I'd only changed axles that were a solid piece of steel(on other cars). It just surprised me is all.
  11. '86 Coupe Project

    Took it to the track for the first time and I was pretty happy with the results! [ame]
  12. Half Shafts are filled with foam??

    Broke a half shaft this weekend and discovered that the axles are hollow on the inside and filled with foam!? I hadn't heard or seen this before! video has all the details, hope you like it! [ame]
  13. '86 Coupe Project

    For those who want to check it out, It's finished!! [ame]
  14. '86 Coupe Project

    [ame] So here's an update the the project. 347 Stroker (dyno'd 415hp/448tq), 5 speed, just needs a few more things in order to be driven
  15. What to do before supercharger??

    After doing a forced induction build I would say these three things are what I deemed necessities for my build. 1. OPG/CG - prevent possible catastrophic failure 2. Drag Radials - be able to put power to ground (mine hooks in every gear) 3. Upgraded clutch *if 6M car* - stock clutch probably...
  16. Paxton GT puts a gap on Hellcat

    haha. My bad I didn't read all the comments at first. I ran a bunch of times. I was between 10.9-11.3s on my runs. Some of my 60' were garbage. 130-131mph. Yea they are pretty relaxed with the street cars. My helmet was in the trunk, you can hear it fly into the rear seat and make a loud...
  17. Paxton GT puts a gap on Hellcat

    I'm comfortable with the Paxton and have no desire to go turbos with this car.
  18. Paxton GT puts a gap on Hellcat

    Took the car out to the drag strip today. Full weight (even left my kids car seat in the back). I wanted to go against a Hellcat, and I got the chance. This is my first time back at the track since having the new pistons and rods put in the car. It didn't disappoint. I only have in car footage...
  19. '86 Coupe Project

    [ame] Should have the 8.8" rear all buttoned up this weekend and then I'm going to start prepping under the hood for the new engine!