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  1. Bullitt AfterMarket Wheels Suggestions?

    Whenever this thread is bumped, I’m hoping it’s news on the Steeda R5 wheels.
  2. Torq Thrust Wheels

    Actually if you look back at Steeda’s picture posted in their past Valentine’s sale ad, there’s a wheel there very similar. I couldn’t find it on their site. I messaged Steeda on Instagram about where to find it. I haven’t gotten a reply yet.
  3. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    My reasons are more why I got the Mustang, as oppsed to why I didn't get the Camaro. Please keep in mind I got a 2015, so the reasons pertain to that time period. 1. Retro look: I got the 50 years package, so it has the chrome trim around the taillights and the chrome corral grille. 2. Interior...
  4. Bullitt AfterMarket Wheels Suggestions?

    Is that the correct email address? I sent an email, and it was returned undeliverable.
  5. Coyote Exhaust Note

    I would think overseas would be less restrictive. I mean look at the emission and crash standards cars need to pass before selling in the U.S. Anway I believe chambered mufflers work well in obtaining that deep sound. I have the 2011/12 GT500 mufflers with an MRT H-pipe. This combo gets very...
  6. McQueen Edition Owners out there?

    Hi. I am just curious if there are any Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt owners on these forums? It would be nice to see pictures from actual owners.
  7. Suite case res. Del BIG MISTAKE????

    I have an MRT H-pipe with 2011/12 GT500 mufflers. This combo comes extremely close, particularly at idle, acceleration and cruising. It still keeps a deep tone under hard acceleration.
  8. mileage daily driving supercharger

    Yes it is confusing. A supercharger is never off boost since it runs off the crankshaft which is obviously always spinning. So as soon as you hit the accelerator there’s boost, unlike a turbocharger. Even the centrifugals will have a little boost.
  9. Coyote Exhaust Note

    I was thinking the multi-cam and 4 valves per cylinder were a factor. However the early 2000 Cobras and Mach 1’s were multi cam/valve and smaller displacement, yet they had a deeper exhaust note.
  10. Hello! Looking for feedback

    In reference to your first response, the Mustang’s top is faster than the Camaro top. It always has been since 2011. Yes the Camaro has slightly cleaner look with the top down. Downside of that is it takes up room in the already small Camaro trunk space. The Mustang has a larger trunk and...
  11. Any 18-20 Convertible owners swap to the GT500 front bumper setup?

    I am not sure how that would work considering the GT500 front end is based off the 15-17 front end.
  12. Why did you buy your Bullitt?

    Those are perfect! If only I was just as lucky as you were to stumble upon those wheels.
  13. Michelin pilot sport 4S vs Nitto nt05 vs Toyo R888R

    I’m surprised you didn’t consider the Nitto NT555RII, a drag radial with decent wet traction.
  14. Why did you buy your Bullitt?

    I'm sorry to dig up an old thread, but I couldn't resist replying. They aren't that heavy. They're lighter than OEM wheels, especially considering the Shelby wheels are bigger. Of course they're not as light as fully forged, and more expensive wheels. Shelby wheels do sell forged wheels too I...
  15. From 18 to 19 or 20?

    Nice car you have, a red convertible. I have the same but a 2015 with 50 year anniversary appearance package. Mine came with 19’s from the factory and will most likely go with 20’s. There aren’t too many options for 19’s. What I would do is find a wheel you like. If it’s only offered in 20’s...
  16. Nitto NT555

    They’re talking about the NT555, which has been around a long time. The NT555G2, the one you have, has been out only a few years and is an updated, more advanced design.
  17. Should i rev match my 2016 GT CS 3.3 gears?

    If you don’t dump the clutch, you won’t get whiplash. Before I learned to rev match, I just let out the clutch gradually after I downshift, while braking, as I’m slowing down. Like how you’d let the clutch out from a stop. I did that for well over 10 years on my Evo, and it’s still on the...
  18. Just new BC Forged RS45's

    The white lip is a nice touch. The contrast breaks up the monotony of a black wheel and tire. It won’t look like the tire and wheel are fused together from afar.
  19. Cobra jet intake installed on my 2018!

    The Gen 3 Coyotes are capable of running 10’s with LTH, off road exhaust, CAI, automatic transmission with 4.10 gear.

    Really??? How much weight will that save you? That will take off maybe 0.0000000000000001 off your quarter mile time, and add another inch per hour to your trap speed.