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  1. Tinting Reverse Light Lens

    Ha ha! - no wonder I couldnt find a "snap on" cover for the reverse light!
  2. Tinting Reverse Light Lens

    - "snap on covers"? I cant see any at all yes - there are replacement light units but a cover for the reverse light? nope! can i possibly ask a favor? - post a url? thanks
  3. Tinting Reverse Light Lens

    Hi! where are these "snap on covers"? I really like the idea - but no idea where to find them? (mine is a 2020 model) thanks in advance!
  4. Bristol Street Ford: Poor communication

    Perhaps, call-out the "cowboys" specifically. I'll start. Do not go to MAP!!! I have been to MAP a few times - what is your perceived (or real) issue with them?
  5. Steeda Progressive Springs

    Such as? and please DO give examples ...
  6. Blacking out under hood latch release

    funnily enough - I actually want to change the yellow to Twister Orange to match the rest of the car... watching this thread ....
  7. 2018+ Quad Exhaust Tips - Nicer Looking Option ?

    any update on theses "sleeves" or is it now a no go?
  8. 4x 25mm Wheel Spacers

    Ill leave it thanks - but thanks for the nudge @Adam83 :rockon:
  9. Cat back exhaust

    Yes - its a Direnza stainless exhaust - seriously £80????? Someone is getting a bargain!:like: not stupid loud, but a good roar and burble - I had this on my 2017 Mustang and it was damn good!
  10. Corvette C8

    Bottom line is - It doesnt matter anyway --- you are talking about a Porsche!:cwl: I had one - never again! I really fancy the C8 - but at this moment I doubt I could afford £80k + - so I will stick with the Mustang for a bit!:thumbsup:
  11. Corvette C8

    I would deffo have the Corvette C8 in an instant but that price is a little too much for me at moment If it was (as originally rumoured) around £60k - then yes! for sure Bob
  12. GT350 Front bumper

    can I call you Susan too, Dave? DOH!
  13. SATURDAY 14/03/20 10:00-12:00 - Yorkshire / North Lincs

    seems sooo long ago now!
  14. Quarter window louvers

    joke? :giggle:
  15. Quarter window louvers

    How much Adam? £20 --- really?:cwl::cwl::cwl:
  16. Anybody installed the cervini hoodstruts? Looks like there is a issue with them Dave...
  17. Vehicle VED tax

    this is a Government "call for evidence discussion" paper - a discussion document - for just that ... discussion! This is NOT a Government policy or anything vaguely like one - it is simply a document stating that they want to discuss what to do ... there are at least a few...
  18. SATURDAY 14/03/20 10:00-12:00 - Yorkshire / North Lincs

    Pre meet to convoy there - at M18 services at 09.30! all welcome!
  19. SATURDAY 14/03/20 10:00-12:00 - Yorkshire / North Lincs

    hope you do - not seen you for ages!
  20. SATURDAY 14/03/20 10:00-12:00 - Yorkshire / North Lincs

    09,30 at m18 services to convoy to Howden meeting on Saturday! the sun WILL be shining! :sun::sun::sun: