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    Sir, I'm going to need you to complete this Captcha in order to post this........
  2. Blew my 2.3 motor need options, opinions, and thoughts

    You might get lucky, I had a FBO tuned Genesis 2.0T that I spun the bearing in the turbo. I re-flashed back to stock, took my downpipe off and threw the service manager a quick 100$ bill to push me through under the radar. They fixed it under warranty :)
  3. As of 3/1, Beefcake will phase out all offroad headers. :(

    I'm in RI and they won't even let you tint your car..........exactly why I'm 3 yrs over my inspection lol
  4. student debt forgiveness is back

    I ran out of lotion, sorry my guy! Totally kidding, that's straight up disgusting, should just neuter him before he does something even more vile.
  5. Buying a higher mileage 2018 mustang?

    Don't blame you at all, I would do the same! Helping out just making sure you knew :)
  6. Buying a higher mileage 2018 mustang?

    Known issue, shifter is body mounted so under spirited driving 3rd lockout is common. Either need a blowfish shifter bracket to make it trans mounted (function as 1 unit now) or upgrade to a better shifter (MGW, Barton)
  7. student debt forgiveness is back

    I personally have 120k in loans from getting a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. Yes, I did sign up for the loans (I thought I was getting into 80k of loans but they tacked another 40k on, another story another day), I am not looking for someone to forgive them, but I think some relief...
  8. How long can these cars sit without being started before the battery goes flat?

    4 yrs in a row I have left my battery in the car (disconnected) in RI winters for 4 months + and the battery was fine every time
  9. forgestar f14 and front dust cap conflict

    Same happens with my rims, I just run a small spacer (may be 5mm) and problem is solved.
  10. Most Miles We Know OF

    Yeah there's a guy with a whipple'd GT at like 165K a few months ago. No major issues.
  11. shudder when letting off the clutch

    Mine did that until my slave cylinder went and they found I had a warped flywheel. They blamed me at first, it was 6AM and I lost my clutch pedal shifting into 2nd (going 15 mph) pulling into a dunkin donuts. Grabbed the video and showed them, they shut up lol. Replaced all under warranty at...
  12. Do I part with my 2016 Mustang GT Lightly Modded?!

    Keep it! Dad's need toys too! Sell the kids! lol just kidding. I don't see a wrong answer here, either you have a fully paid off Mustang you enjoy or have $30k less debt or cash in the bank.
  13. Does anyone really know what’s causing the hood rot?

    Personally I am now mulling over the idea of getting the new hood (hopefully) and selling it. Then I'll buy the Cervini's like I want anyway lol
  14. Does anyone really know what’s causing the hood rot?

    Thank gosh for not having enough money in 2015 lol They took pics at Ford yesterday and sent them to corporate. I'll know more today but they have a bunch of Exploders there for the same issue so I advise anybody with the problem (regardless of warranty) go get it
  15. Does anyone really know what’s causing the hood rot?

    Mucho appreciated. I commented and then searched, should have searched then commented! lol
  16. Does anyone really know what’s causing the hood rot?

    So us without a warranty are screwed? Just found 2 spots today on my 2016
  17. Daily Driver

    I drive a lovely 2005 Brown CRV nicknamed Beige Betty from the Statefarm commercials. 165k miles and not a thing wrong with her, not even rust which is rare up here in RI lol
  18. Pennsylvania PAXTON SUPERCHARGER (Beefcake special)

    Seriously! I mulled the idea over yesterday because of how good of a deal this is, deciding to keep some cash in hand to see whatever this virus turns into. Boo priorities!!!