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  1. What constitutes a Heat Cycle?

    This is really good advice and pretty much when i decide to toss a set of tires.
  2. Center Rib Chamfer on Autocross BFGs

    Chamfer is normal. Being rejected by tire shops is normal. My advice is to flip before you reach the wear bars or figure out how to mount tires yourself. Machines pay for themselves if you keep autocrossing.
  3. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    latest wet day here at NER suggests 1) Conti ECS 2) Yoko A052 3) everyone else shall die as the order of tire preference in the wet. I was on RT660 and it was miserable.
  4. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    The ford clutch pack differential works just fine with the carbon fiber disks. You can add or take away carbon plates to fine-tune the lockup if you want. I Found the as-delivered CF clutches without center spring to work pretty well on my CAM S197. Be aware that clutches are a wear Item. I had...
  5. Rear Camber Adjustment.

    Easy solution: Move the fuel filler line. That's what I did. I recall it being only 1 bolt. Good luck.
  6. To Cover or Not to Cover your Mustang (that can only live outside)?

    You can/should cover if you park for the winter and have a low-wind spot to park the car on pavement. you will need to put additional weights /straps on the edges of the cover to avoid it blows away. Car will be shockingly clean in the spring if you do this right after a big cleanup and wax...
  7. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    The drag itself is also helpful because all that force pulling back at the trunk stabilizes the car from the spinz.
  8. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Made up sponsors only please. Perhaps the most primitive tool utilized in the making of the vehicle. Recently I honored the discoverers of the tetanus vaccine as I raced the rustiest Miata I’ve ever seen.
  9. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    That looks so bad ass. Good luck.
  10. Base suspension + Sticky tires + Autocross = disaster?

    Define “sticky tires.” The biggest risk you have is destroying the outsides of the front tires. The car won’t roll.
  11. How do you remove track rubber

    The fastest way I’ve found to take them down is some rubbing compound on a mother’s powerball. I’ve never had luck with the R3, but my friends like it.
  12. Rear tire rubbing, alignment question

    Max is like 3 or 4 degrees. I don’t know the number, but it’s obviously a lot. Source: I do my own alignments.
  13. Are Continental Sport 6's better than Michelin 4s's

    to be fair, with that type of driving the PS4S would be dead too.
  14. Preferred combo for autox street class?

    2021 is a throw away year and I expect anything less than a PP2 to get absolutely buried in 2022. Based on that, I recommend getting minimum a PP2 and being prepared to compete against the camaro ss 1LE.
  15. Show me you and your Mustang out having fun in the winter snow!!

    Boston to Tremblant for skiing in a storm . Canadian jaws dropped.
  16. Best way to jack the rear to rotate tires?

    I can’t hear anything over all this diff jacking I’m doing over here.
  17. $9 Seat Lap Belt Tensioner for Autocross

    I’m glad this tip is helping people.
  18. Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S Size: 275/55R20

    That is the worst tire imaginable. For people who hate cars and hate driving.
  19. Adjusting camber in the rear?

    I disconnected some fuel filler neck brackets to make room.